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Wohoo, I'm on now:

For a start there is my free (pay what you want) for with 48 and . . . 😘
my fav is the chalk brush, I use it all the time.

bureaucrazy 😭 no time to art. Anträge, Anträge, Bescheinigungen...

Germany failing hard to organize their damn Kindergärten could mean 6 months missed work and money for me. (And it can be even worse for other young families).

Beauty and the Beast: Dramatic hand holding edition (I love tinted sketchbooks so much)

Hentai, Stockings, WIP 

Yo. Hi. Hello!

I’m pretty new here (and with that I mean I literally just joined). I’ve been meaning to get into nsfw art for a while and this seems like an amazing place to start. I hope I have time to make something more finished soon <_<

We now have 87 entries in the Mastodex! Here are instances with the most!

8 entries:,
4 entries:,,,
3 entries:,
2 entries:,,,,,,,,,,

If you would like to pick a Pokemon pls reply here (make sure it's not taken!

🙃 Job Interview Done 🙃

🍆 ...and, uhum, I had to show my NSFW art... 🍆 I guess it went alright 🍆

😱 Job Interview Today 😱

💀 Introvert Panic Intensifies 💀

I have no restraint please help make me stop drawing Pokémon trainer AU

Haven't had a decent pic in awhile- my folder of unfinished art is really piling up. So it was nice when a line-art experiment actually came out decently well and I finished the line-art the same day.

No particular character here, I just really liked a model's pose and spun off a she-satyr. Maybe I can color it at some point.

#myart #oc #satyr #satyress #horns #fantasy #csp #drawing #illustration #spear #pipes #minimalist #bw

Hello friends, I have decided to abandon this account - you can now find me here: @mooncube

The reason is that I no longer feel comfortable with this alias and its ableistic nuances, as discussed here:

It was a tough call because I lose all my followers and posts, but its worth it. Follow my new acc if you want to see more of my work, and please boost for visibility if you can. Thank you, love you all. ❤️

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #ableism #disability

Painting detailing (in monochrome, colors come later)

yeah, did the artvsartist thing at 4am. unwashed hair. light from my hoodie! then spent another hour following E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. in the artvsartist tag. So after 4h of sleep the first thing I thunk: damn, should have made it sfw...

art nudity, artvsartist selfie but no eye contact 

anatomy, nude satyr, sketches 

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