hey!!! sometimes i forget about social media, didn't mean to b gone so long. here's my newest bb ♥

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🍓 Strawberry Thief 🍓
(based on a print design by William Morris)

#art #MastoArt #illustration

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The cleric beckons you to sit a while with them. Old bodies need rest, and there's no sense in rushing a pilgrimage.

Rest II

Little piece from January! I updated the Etsy shop as well, check it out if you'd like :)

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This is the old version of the #watercolor that I’m currently working on, which I don’t think I’ve ever posted here before. I need to work on getting some of more of my older pieces on here

#art #mastoart #trippy

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A recent oil painting, I love what oil does for depth and light in landscape paintings, trying to improve my skills! I just started painting about a year ago.
Forests are so magic and inspiring to me!
#MastoArt #artist #landscape #TraditionalArt #oilpainting

Here's an intro. I'm Jessie (she/her), 25 I think. I rediscovered art through embroidery during university where I studied ecology.

I currently stitch characters and creatures experiencing nature and love.

I also garden and all my art money goes to food + food plants. I hope to acquire degraded farm land soon with the help of friends and restore it into a food-producing, carbon-storing forest ecosystem, and share the abundance with both humans and wild animals.

Thanks for looking ♥

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still love this piece from 2019 💕 done in watercolour, polychromos and pen

I still have a couple of prints left of this one in my shop! you can find it at rnadness.bigcartel.com

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The two first pages of "manifesto" , a story I drew back in January. Really enjoying being able to post all kinds of different formats on here!

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Everyone here is so kind, thank you to everyone who replied to my first toot ever. Idk how to reply to your reply so here it is ♥ thanks lol
Here's another dude in the series.

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Embroidery of a rhinoceros beetle 

Yesterday's rhinoceros beetle is finished! Moving on to the rest of the composition.

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