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Second in a series of unique ballpoint monoprint orbs. About 20cm. In my shop now.

Illustrated Haiku, CW for possibly gory/gross elements 

calculated honks / prompt revolving rainbows to / digest all missiles

#art #mastoart #illustration #poem #poetry #haiku

When you can articulate the difference between a spoon and a representational sculpture of a spoon made of the same material, you will know most of what can be known about art.

:jrbd: πŸ₯„ 🎨 πŸ’Έ

Rhubarb love

This was me when I was buying rhubarb for the first time this year. I bought so much that i didn’t fit in my shopping bag so I held it in my arm like this. I hugged my rhubarb because I love it so much. I will bake lots of cake with it.

I will open sketch commission like this for now so if you want me to sketchy sketch for you buy me a ko-fi and tell me which character youβ€˜d like.

just wondered what an ascii emoticon looks like, when you take it as an input of an ascii text generator and take the result of that and give it to some glitch text generator and feed the result again to some ascii text generator…


I've got some beautiful dicentra as a gift. I'm growing some young dicentras in my garden, so I hope there will be many more this year <3

#florespondence #photography #photographie #macrophotography

another one, so many perspective mistakes ahah :blobpats:

i miss drawing in big sheets of paper or canvas, such huge investment i can't afford rn


Pastel neons: "Spring Thoughts".

Each piece of the original artwork is 12,5cm x 17,5cm and 17€, including world-wide shipping - as a POSTCARD. I'll add a posting on my website with info where each piece went. You choose your name or alias, if you like I can add a location.

These works are raw at the moment, the shipping may or may not transform them.

#mastoArt #traditionalArt #art

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