O Que é Classe?


A luta de classes, a luta de dentro e contra o capitalismo, é uma força motriz intrínseca da teoria e da prática anarquista. No entanto, muitos mitos e concepções errôneas continuam a confundir a compreensão popular da relação social que está na raiz deste conflito...., ou seja, a própria classe. Então.... o que é exatamente, e o que anarquistas têm contra isso?

Mais um vídeo da série A de Anarquia do coletivo @subMedia traduzido para o português.

Adrian @ Adrian: "Stop fucking shoving the same three artists in everyone's face-"
Adrian @ Adrian: "Pretty sound by pretty people must share like overly-proud pibble :blobaww: "



some old i gave someone, somewhere

some trivia: the buildings are from jaques tati, mon oncle, that, for some reason, was playing in the background

Some photos of my sound installation "Sonic Life/Social Death" with multimedia artist Caetano at the Dystopie Festival in Berlin last year.

Thanks to everyone who came. It was weird but exciting to have managed to adapt to circumstances and go ahead with the show.

I also talked about black revolutionary electronic music, sonic dominance, black intel and the importance of protecting these narratives.

You can see the whole documentation of the exhibition here:


I did this one for pride month last year because my discord and I wanted to celebrate pride month and everyone did an artwork referring to one of the pride flags.

#Trans #TransFlag #LGBTQ #HappyPrideMonth #DigitalArt #Art #MastoArt #MopaniArt

Character belongs to the awesome and talented @[email protected]
It was quite fun to draw this. It was the first time I did this kind if artworks where I do a simplistic version and a detailed version.

#DigitalArt #dtiys #Art #MastoArt #MopaniArt

i've been pretty busy lately, preparing the garden and starting classes (some sculptures coming soon...) so i'll try to post some older stuff regularly, maybe some garden stuff..?

anyway... this drawing is around 10y old..? Time flies

so... i made these stickers a while back --> redbubble.com/shop/ap/71621194 just to try out this selling art online stuff, but haven't really got to promoting it or anything...

anyone has experience with it? doing what, where (website)? is it better than washing dishes 50h week, for around 3 euros an hour? lol (real question, those are my 2 options rn)

hey!!! sometimes i forget about social media, didn't mean to b gone so long. here's my newest bb ♥

🦀 Poissons, ecrevisses et crabes, de diverses couleurs et figures extraordinaires,.
A Amsterdam, Chez Reinier & Josué Ottens, 1754.

So many people out publicly licking the boots of the music industry over the whole Metallica thing from last night, claiming they were absolutely right to go after Napster back in the day because "foresaw a point when digital music downloads would devastate musician's earnings from sales".

Of course in the real world the music industry itself has been impoverishing artists via predatory contracts since at least the 1950s.

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