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My Patreon page is here! Pledge today & see me draw your favorite curvy girlies taking the D' in HD! PSD! & in my adult manga: Scarlet Honey~ Get custom sketches, COMMISSIONS, discounts, & access to my secret art! Your pledge would help me so much & is the best way to support me!

And please, if nothing else, boosting for awareness is ALWAYS met with love and affection from me xoxo

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Hi there~💕 My name is Ivy, and I'm a proud woman that draws hardcore hentai! I have a wild, sugary, flirty personality & love being nice to everyone! I'm also huge supporter of the open internet as I've been banned off nearly every platform, most recently tumblr!

Please feel free to friend, follow, and flirt~ I don't bite! xoxo

🗝️💛Kingdom Hearts - Aqua💛🗝️

"You've seen me too weak too often... Now it's my turn to shine~!"

Just hit 200 followers~! c: Thanks so much everyone xoxo 💕

At 300 I'll do a giveaway! SO SPAM ME WITH LOVE~!

Happy my loves~♡ I adore each and every one of you and thank you so much for supporting my art.

I drew myself as a for my patreons, but decided share the cropped version here early. c; full version is head to toe nude.

💕NSFW Patreon Rewards Preview💕

There's still timeeee~!! If you want to see this and get your name on it, pledge before tonight my loves! xoxo

💕Patreon January rewards💕

SFW version~ A NSFW suuuuuper lewd creampie version with my patreon's names written on my thighs will be sent out soon!

There's still time! Pledge now & you'll get the NSFW piece sent to you with your name included c;

(◕ᴗ◕✿) UPDATES!!! January's Rewards and what to expect for the next few months on my patreon~ Exciting times!!!

Guess who got all four of her wisdom teeth pulled and is a bleeding swollen drugged up messsss??

🎉♡♡~This chick~♡♡🎉

I'll be down and out for a few days @[email protected]

A patreon request 💕giving off those 90's vibes~! >3< Does anyone else get the urge to hug her??? Like, REAAALLLY tight?? 💦🌈NSFW Version is available for my patreons only~

Consider making a pledge today to see this cutie nude c;

Drew Midna in honor of the Zelda Twilight Princess Speedrun at GamesDoneQuick ~♡

Lowkey my fav in the series!! uwu

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Hi! Sorry for the SSL certificate issue. All good now

WOW GUYS!!! Another stretch goal met~♡♡ Thank you so so much to all of my super ultra generous patreons for your contributions! c:

If you haven't yet, please do consider making a pledge! See here for all of the super neat things I'm offering right now:

Over on birdsite I just hit 400 and am doing a free sketch giveaway!

I know this might not be kosher promote here, but I thought you lovelies would want a free sketch from me!


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⭐️2019 New Year Resolutions⭐️

1) Grow my Patreon page!

2) Have more fun~💕

c: I like to keep things simple~! This year is going to be a good one, I can feel it!!

Headed out to go adventuring 💕🍾🎉🎉

Have a wonderful New Year everyone~! Party hard, let loose, get smashed, & have a super amazing time!!! xoxo 💕💕

Just finished putting together this month's patreon rewards. uwu Super happy with it all, but unffffffff!!! It's a lot of work! So much note scribbling and thankyou writing~! 💕

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