Thought I'd bring over some art that I'm proud of from my old social media accounts, starting with my bouncy little fairy girly, Eos~

I'm going to be focusing a bit harder on design and animation soon I think! c: It's definitely my strong suit.

Drew this emote for my twitch and discord channels~ UwU

New emote available for my subscribers on Twitch and Discord!!

I drew this on stream a few nights ago! It was super fun~💕 & I love how squishy & cute Raichu came out >3< ⚡️🐭⚡️

This & more emotes available on my channel: ( )

✨🌙✨ rkgk
Switching to Clip Studio paint, just a quick sketch to get used to everything xoxo

Half way through drawing this I started streaming on twitch & officially became a cam girl. ( )

Please follow and watch me be cute! xoxo

I'm Live~! Come celebrate my birthday with me in a few hours as I draw Jaxxette hugging a bunny~🐰

I'm live with a creative stream~! Come chill, chit-chat and watch me draw some adorable Jaxxette emotes!!!! :3

Live with my first 18+ art stream~ Come join me as we free 's titties from that tiny machine washable prison 💕💋

Chit chat with me while I finish up this commission of a magical fluffy sheep girly~ xoxo 💕🐑

I'm Live now~

I'm live now! Come join me and chit chat as I struggle to finish a commission of this adorable sheep girly girl~!!

💙Casual Byleth💙 - Fire Emblem / Smash Ultimate

This was my first live stream piece~ Thank you so much to everyone who joined the stream, chit chatted, & encouraged me to finish!

Follow here for future Art Streams xoxo 💕

I'm live now!! Come join as I push reallly hard into the night to finish my busty Byleth artwork 💕

I'm Live now~!

Come chit-chat and hang out with me while I draw a busty casual Byleth from 💕

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Hey so, my buddy Sunna's previous account was suspended, so do me a favor and follow his other accounts~ He's active on Pixiv, and got a new account here. Weak start to 2020, let's show some love for the one true elf god. :<

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This is old from October, forgot to post (I did a lot of work that month, jesus @@). Sketch page for @[email protected], Green Tea and Frappe.

I'll be doing another art stream this upcoming Friday at 8:00 EST again💕

Following that, I'll be streaming regularly every Monday and Friday at 8:00 EST~

If you haven't already, please follow my Picarto channel~



Okie my loves~!! 💕I'm Live!💕 Going to draw some sexy Byleth or something! Come join, chit chat, & let's have some fun!!



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