I have this idea where college in Equestria is free because is a socialist paradise but Twilight wants to work as a stripper anyway because she heard that's what college girls do and she wants her college experience to be perfect. Seems stupid enough to fit Twilight.

Vera Tolman, from Alfie by InCaseArt (twitter.com/InCaseArt)

I like Alfie because I could go into Scott McCloud mode and nerd for hours about why the narration and composition work so well.

But I won't.


I was minding my own business watching Aggretsuko when smutichi (twitter.com/smutichi) came bursting in saying "You gotta draw weed! Don't ask questions, but you have to!" I still don't know why, so this is his problem now.

I drew this demon adventurer by The_PinkPirate (twitter.com/The_PinkPirate) because, well, you may think it's because she's naked, and you may be right, but it's because she looks spunky. Ok, the naked part helps, all right.

Applejack enjoying a ride. I guess I'm on a pony mood.

Rarity giving a boobjob with her clothes on, because clothed sex is fun.

Couldn't resist drawing Celestia on her leather jacket again.

Everybody's favourite Twilight Sparkle cosplayer, Stocking.

A goblin secretary. She's married to her boss and they like to take breaks and have fun in his office and I should do a comic about that.

I have never been horny on a meme before.

I think.

Quick question, 30-50 feral hogs like this are after me, what should I do.

There aren't enough dom girls wearing leather jackets, in my personal and objectively right opinion.

I wanted to do some Celestia as an old school dom for a long long time.

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