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Hi everybody! .

I'm Jordan and I'm an artist migrating from instagram for much the same reasons as I think most people are.

I'll post some of my work and let it speak for itself. I love and I hope more of the art community joins us here.

Additional interests include issues and my faith as a .

I'm excited to be here. I hope this is the solution we've been looking for!

Welp. This is why we can't have nice things. 🤷 Guess I'll be moving to as well. See y'all there!

When. Christmas Day afternoon on a mountain in the neighbourhood feels like Ragnarök.

The theme of this piece from 2010, titled "Swimming in the Deep End", is the conscientious exploration of the depths; whether that be depth of self, or depth of a particular issue; sometimes the answers and meaning we're looking for can only be achieved by diving into the deep, into the dark, like that of the ocean.

A very happy new year to all of you!
This is an oil painting I made as a Christmas present. I am very happy with how the moss turned out. Excited to make many more like it!
@aRtwork @art

I just "beat" (altho plenty more content left for a completionist like me). A truly excellent game; amazing art, beautiful music, and engaging, strategic gameplay and battle mechanics. The difficulty is well rounded and forces you to a pace where you get engaged with the story and the characters. I really love their spin on Greek mythology and I'm sorely tempted to do some fanart at some point... 🤔

Art and money: the great taboo. 

From the article: “Art is work. The fact that people do it out of love, or self-expression, or political commitment, doesn’t make it any less so. ... Wanting to get paid does not mean that you’re a capitalist. It doesn’t even mean that you assent to capitalism. It only means that you live in a capitalist society. ... You don’t have to be doing something for the money to want to get money for doing it. You just have to be alive.” 🎨 🎸 📸 🖊

If you have to work tonight and/or tomorrow, thank you for whatever service you provide. If you are isolated from friends, family, or loved ones, I hope you're still safe and cozy and finding a way to stay connected. I'm wishing everyone an uneventful end to 2020. As we move forward into 2021, may we carry forward with us our growth, insights, hope, and determination to shape a brighter future for everyone. !!!

Art #57: "Magic be here"

I sell these as "Pay what you want/can". I need my costs for materials and shipping covered, anything more will be awesome and appreciated!

Check my gallery for more:

Like my art and want more? I am currently not cash positive with my art and I would appreciate a Ko-Fi (if you're able to)!

Anyway, I keep doubting myself, I'd appreciate feedback (and boosts!) if you like it! #art #mastoart

3/100 done in Procreate. Did a little more experimenting with this one.

my kingdom for a white gel pen that actually works

"We want so badly to share our innermost experience with our loved ones, but often, like the mermaid, we forget that not everyone can go where we go."

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"When needle or hand or rain or sun hits the skins, the only things to do is meet its exact touch from the inside. For this moment of inner meeting outer releases an electricity of spirit that gifts us with a tenderness for being awake."

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Nudity: Exposed Nipples 

Another unusual (for me) color palette from 2009. A couple of these pieces were inspired by , I'll leave those quotes in separate comments.

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