A commission for an artist on twitter, @/7pntperspective! I am currently reading TGCF and highly enjoying it hehe

Dad Wangji 💙
I have a baby brother that when I put him to nap, he plays with my ears, which is what inspired this ^^
More Dad Wangji in the making ✨

A Christmas gift for one of my friends! I've never drawn a plane before so this was very interesting 💕

Simple sketch of Vy1 Kazumi and Vy2 Kaji for a Vocaloid AU I am writing. It's a little rough around the edges but I had to get the idea out
Here is the link if you are interested ^^ archiveofourown.org/works/2817

Miku and Miku!
I was deeply inspired by @/jukeboxblues cosplay of Miku
Please go support her on twitter/insta!

Pinup, Sexuality, no genitalia 

He is one of my ocs and I plan to make a Christmas thing of him every year hehe
He is part of an underground criminal organization story I have, which I will write ONE day 😅 hahaaaa

Lingerie, mild nudity, no genitalia 

Here are some more doodles of them that are a lil more spicy 💕💕💕

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✨ The Dream ✨
I have so many stories in my mind and The Dream is one of them lol
It's a wlw story about a scientist, Delilah, and a soldier, Alessa, with different perspectives on the fate of planet earth
Aka, soff and squishy loves big and buff 🥺🥺🥺

That's strange, it's coming out of order. Is there a way to fix it??

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Mention of Pinup 

I have an OC whose birthday I put on Christmas and I am so excited to draw a special thing for him!
Hint: Pinup 👀

Based on the song Sta-ring Down by EZFG
Local vocal synthesizer is shook that all their pixel are cakes 🍰
Idk what kind of humor is this lol

Hey y’all! Sorry I’ve been so inactive but some of my closest friends are in dire need of financial help and have not been getting donations/boosts, I’ve posted about them in the past & here are graphics from their Instagram.

If you wanna help out some indigenous & brown trans and queer folks right now please check out these images for context & donate to their cash apps/Venmo or dm them on Instagram directly!

Cash app & Venmo: thisisgoodfruit

Cash app: $miomio6
Venmo: str8topp

Ahh the order is a lil messed up but the first one is the regal one, then the in bed one, then the chibi bonus ✨

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