I've been absent on here all week! Unfortunately I still have to spend a lot of time on instagram as it's my main source of income, which is poops

3/100 done in Procreate. Did a little more experimenting with this one.

After the fates I've started on the three charities of greek mythology. Here is Aglaea

So persona 5 is my favourite video game of all time. Apart from the others in the series are there any games that are similar...pref Japanese, turn based and long!
(not inc final fantasy as I like them already)

Every now and then I try and add a new witch to my collection. Here is a love and sex witch I did a few months ago

Still, most people in social justice movements are unable to recognize ableism, and are unaware of just how ordinary yet lethal it is. But, policing, incarceration and institutionalization, labor exploitation and impoverishment, forced familial separation and deprivation of resources, climate and environmental injustice, and other state and corporate violence disproportionately affect disabled and other marginalized people while creating and exacerbating disabilities.

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Hey y’all! Sorry I’ve been so inactive but some of my closest friends are in dire need of financial help and have not been getting donations/boosts, I’ve posted about them in the past & here are graphics from their Instagram.

If you wanna help out some indigenous & brown trans and queer folks right now please check out these images for context & donate to their cash apps/Venmo or dm them on Instagram directly!

Cash app & Venmo: thisisgoodfruit

Cash app: $miomio6
Venmo: str8topp

Just want to put it out there that I'm a big fan of art swapping. If you're a fellow artist and would wanna do a swap. Hit me up! I try and do it three or four times a year

Sharp object, death, semi nude 

Last of the fates before I move on to the charities. Here is Atropos the cutter of the thread of life. Aka death

Another piccy of Ronan. The loveliest long lad to ever live

Some favorite illustrations I made this year of a couple erotic models I’ve been blessed to shoot (non erotic art) with in the past. I’m into naming my color palettes and I call Lowlita’s 💜 “Neon Night” and Greta Moon’s ⭐️ “Raspberry Shake” - marked sensitive for erotic nudity

my first toot! hi everyone! i'm new here from instagram, i'm excited for a platform without unreal expectations/crazy algorithms.
i mostly do digital art and paint, and recently opened my own etsy! here's some fun prints i made recently :^)

My shop has reopened. Any orders placed in December will be posted within the first few days of january. If you purchase a print from me and can email me a receipt of donating to a mutual aid within the last week I will send you a free A4 print

Right foreground- small fat babe with a warm and pale yellow skin tone. They have brown hair with a chunky blonde streak running down from top to root. They are wearing a green camouflage patterned vest and green leggings

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Middle far right- A fat Hispanic babe with very long brown hair in pig tails. They have a turquoise stone earring and necklace set on. Their dress is cut out at the waist and the fabric is tie dye pink
Foreground left- a black babe with warm skin tones, they have large brown afro hair and large false eyelashes on. They're wearing a red and yellow strapless dress.
Centre foreground- a fat ginger babe with pigtails. They're wearing a blue cami dress with sheer pale blue polka dot over dress.

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