Commission for @[email protected], Aura Melusina and Akashi. Thanks again~ β™₯️

Got a tablet stand to hopefully help my posture and wrist usage. Doodle for today, Kiara.❀️

Alright yall, closed for any further commissions for now. Way more requests than I was expecting, damn. I appreciate it.

Still gonna respond to everyone, working on that tomorrow.

As always, thanks again. 'Till next month. o/

Open for some flat colored commissions~

$120, +$35 for additional characters (3 max). N/SFW = OK.

Send a brief description via email to [email protected] if interested. I'll be going over emails tomorrow evening, not just first come/first serve. Thanks!

Commission, Futaba Sakura, XIV OC Photaba and my very own Kiara! Thanks again for wanting to use my character.❀️

Full colored sketch commission, my Kiara and @[email protected]'s retainer, Pink.πŸ˜‹

FE commission, Byleth/Shamir/Petra. I should put time into my wife(s) as well...

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