Lovely Miqotes, Grace and Praline. Thanks again for commissioning me @[email protected]~ 😻

I kept seeing really nice Tsuyu work and got that urge. ♥️

Old Philia Felice sketch I decided to color. Glad I saw this, completely forgot about it lol.

Tales of Destiny

Tan Botan, commission. Lordy... I should do this more often myself...😍

Some Nijire Hado doodles~ Haven't read this far, but she's pretty.

Commission for @[email protected], Daeriion and Maria~ Redheaded megane catgirls, praise be.

Miqote x Aura, OCs Kwi Quash and Lykos Falaina, commission~

Faira and Sumire, OC sketch page. Last one from Feb~

Hey all, taking a small batch of flat colored commissions~ Meant to do this a couple weeks ago, but been a bit ill.

Will have another opening this month after remaining work from February is done, within a few weeks.

Prices and additional info in follow up post~vvv

Sketch page commission, flexible OC Lyudia Mistbrawl.

Last sketch page from December, OC Reina and Celica from Xenoblade Chronicles X.

I'm now closed for any additional commissions!!
Took more than I planned to this month even, lots to do. @@"

Appreciate all the requests as always. Thanks~

February commissions are open, full color sketches again~ 15-ish spots. $85, +$25 for additional characters (3 max). Only taking one additional sketch page, $200/2 char. max. N/SFW=OK.

Email w/ brief description if interested! Thanks!

[email protected]

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