I missed a flat colors commission from months back!

Original designed character by me. I'd like to continue refining her as a new character of mine~

The second commission from last batch to feature my Kiara, this time with @[email protected]'s Misha. Thank you again!

Commission for @[email protected], my characters Kiara and Lynn on their Miqote, Photaba~

I got a few requests involving my characters last month. Thanks again~ o/

New year's commissions open now, finally! This time I'm allowing both options:

Base Full Color: $250
Base Flats: $200

Further details for additional info here: kenshin187-art.web.app/commiss

If interested, send a brief description via email to [email protected]


Lovely Tifa commission from @[email protected]! My pleasure, I'm sorry I haven't drawn her really sooner.

I almost went one year without drawing Emma. So what better way to close off an otherwise terrible year?

Thanks again for all the continued support through the years, especially 2020. Couldn't do it without ya. Here's to a better 2021.

Emma belongs to @[email protected]!🥰🥰🥰

Kyoko Kirigiri in Mine's outfit. Unfamiliar what Mine is from....commission work~

Hard to choose, but these 4 might be my favs for this year.
Thanks to everyone who follows and supports my work, I appreciate it.

Misha and Veronica, OC commission work~ I actually helped designed Misha several years ago.

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