Asha and Onix Sunblade, commission. Yes I would like a chocolate sundae Miqote special...🤤

Alright, closed for any further commissions for now. As always, thanks for everyone who sent a request!

Still gonna respond to everyone, will be working on that for the next couple of days.

And as always, thanks again. 'Till next month. o/

Tuesday, Cybelle and Carole, Carole & Tuesday commission.

Thanks @[email protected]~

Open for some flat colored commissions again~

$120, +$35 for additional characters (3 max). N/SFW = OK.
If interested, send a brief description via email to

[email protected]

I'll be going over emails tomorrow evening, and it's not just first come/first serve. Thanks!

Agarest War commission request. Tohma, Faina and Lavinia~ Thanks again @[email protected] ♥️

Commission, O'tchaka, D'zentsa and a lucky WoL.

...On that note, a couple of my personal fav random NPCs are Serendipity and J'olhmyn~😄

Futaba Sakura and Kiara, my elf. See they're not that similar...right?!

9AM doodle, can't sleep :^)

Claire Victorious and Lulu Baron from God Eater 3, commission~

OC commission work. Love some fox/cat girls~😩💦

Mika Kuouzumia.....choujin. From Resort Boin, commission. lol

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