Original character commission, Strudel. Love chunky eyebrows~

FFXIV OC commission work of Miqote Gar and Aura Mayumi~

I actually forgot it was Easter lol. Just used it as an excuse to draw Bun Kiara~ :P

Practice coloring with CSP, and at last my new Cintiq. Actually really comfortable, should have tried to get this tablet sooner~ Lots to learn with CSP though.

Just a follow up that I'm closed for comms now~ Thanks as always for all the requests, ended up taking more than I planned to, haha. >.<

Will try to keep my nose to the grindstone this month and actually open around the same time in March (lol).

Thank you!!

Hey all, opening for a small number of commission spots for this month!

Base Full Color: $250
Base Flats: $200
(No stick spots available, sorry!)

Examples + more info: kenshin187-art.web.app/commiss

If interested, send a brief description via email to [email protected]


Old sketch I meant to post, of a certain VR Chat avatar~ @[email protected]~ 🤤

As an aside, would like to do more grayscales in the future.

Some more original character commission work, spitroast threesome~

Commission of @[email protected] for her! Thank you again, glad I could do this for you.

You can even buy a sticker of this, for now~😏teespring.com/kenshinx187-x-pi

Commission work, Hitomi Sagan from AI: The Somnium Files~

Quick Marnie doodle I started yesterday since I didnt get much work done. Always wanted to draw her, love the punk/goth look.🤤

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