Moth girl egg laying commission. Like drawing monster girls sometimes (...some of them).

Hey so, my buddy Sunna's previous account was suspended, so do me a favor and follow his other accounts~ He's active on Pixiv, and got a new account here. Weak start to 2020, let's show some love for the one true elf god. :<

This is old from October, forgot to post (I did a lot of work that month, jesus @@). Sketch page for @[email protected], Green Tea and Frappe.

A certain someone (@[email protected]) had a birthday during the holidays. Free excuse to draw Artemis, gahaha~😏❤️

Merry Christmas to me!! Kiara's the only present I need.❤️

Happy holidays everyone.

Anthuria, Djeeta and Yuisis commission. Grateful for new GBF games that I'll actually be interested in playing~

Happy birthday again @[email protected]!! And thank you for commissioning me to do this @[email protected]!

Lovely elven OCs, Kaleina and Vallaera.🍯🍯🍯🤤

Closed for any additional work this month!!
Another small batch for December, though I will be open again around this time next month. Will get through all remaining emails.

Thanks a lot to everyone who sent in a request, and stay safe during the holidays!

Hey, taking another small batch of full color sketch commissions for December! 10~13 slots. $85, +$25 for additional characters (3 max). N/SFW=OK.

Email w/ brief description if interested! Will go over requests for tomorrow afternoon. Thanks!

[email protected]

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