Taking a small batch of full color sketch commissions this month $85, +$25 for additional characters (3 max). N/SFW=OK.

Email w/ brief description if interested! Will go over requests for tomorrow evening. Thanks!

[email protected]

2B, Alice (in Wonderland) and Raven commission. Raven tho👀

Thalia and Onyxia commission work, original characters.

Aura OC commission work. Feels like it's been ages since I've drawn squirting, used to draw it a lot lol.

Commission, Miqote OC bullying Alphinaud. Alphi been getting a lot of play these past 2-3 months lol.

Another Pkmn Black/White commission, my favorite~ Hilda has some fun with Rosa. 👀

Commission for @[email protected] , featuring Snow and Maria. Thanks again as always~

Commission for Midlander/Lalafell OC, in a Jessica Rabbit costume for Halloween~ Some Auras have their way with her.

Blessed smol redhead ❤️

Recently I finished a short 6page comic commission, written by James Alopex, art by me.

As an ass man, I was very much glad to work on this idea lol. One of the rare times I do full rendered comic work, took a while. @@ Full thing here, check it out! e-hentai.org/g/1510351/81a60c0

Adult Washu getting Ryoko to dress up for Halloween. 🤤

Commission work, was glad to do this~ Love these ladies.

🦇Kiara's a naughty bat for Halloween~🦇

Had to draw my elf in something this year, shameful if I didn't!

Got inspired to do more Paya pleasure. Link eats his whole meal.😏

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