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Master Pang, did this for fun. This queen has seemingly too little fan art of her, haha.

Last sketch page commission from last month, Anne Takamaki and Joker~

Took a while, but finally through all these emails. I'll be closed again for commissions until next month! Thanks again to the many who sent an email, I appreciate it!

A bit late into this month, but finally taking some comms now! $50, +$15 for additional characters (3 max). N/SFW = OK. I'll be looking them over for the next couple days. Email w/ brief description if interested! Thanks!

[email protected]

Some practice and messing around, indulging in Emma's butt. It's been too long, she's always been my favorite elf by @[email protected] ~😍

M'kophe Rhiki* is her name, for the sake of clarification since I decided to write the full name lol.

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Another XIV sketch page, redhead Miqote M'kophe Qhel, and futa Aura Qhelu Ejinn. A doozy, this one.

Auras teaming up on a half lalafell hyur. Size difference and redhead is the business.🤤

Commission work, Eliza (Skullgirls) and adult Kiss-Shot~

Comm work, @[email protected]'s Nil, commissioner @[email protected]'s elf Josalyn, and my own Kiara~
Kiara and Nil use futa potions for butt stuff on Josalyn.

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