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was thinking about doing the challenge, but remembered I drew myself last year. so here's a throwback !

another new drawing coming soon

glasses and chokers and cute cardigans πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŒ·πŸŒ·

❀️a little sketch and note to break up the radio silence - I've had a tough few months physically and emotionally, but I'm doing well! I don't use social media in my 'real life,' so I tend to take long breaks from it. now, I'm prepping for nanowrimo ❀️

current drawing mood: pretty gals and monster men 😈

hey guys, I've got a little pinup art and a little website up and running, check it out if you're interested in commissions or checking out some other links, everything's there ! ❀️

my new apartment is almost all ready and a working monitor is on its way ! here is a rough sketch I did before in the meantime ...I also do a lot of writing and tend to lose myself in those worlds, so I don't always keep up the art updates I'M SORRY ❀️ ❀️

soo I've been working on a used monitor for awhile and it's starting to act funky LOL so I'm thinking that between getting this fixed/replaced and moving this month, I'll work on a website and some writing. once I'm all settled, I'll share the link and open up commissions. πŸ’–

some nudity 

pinup girl, some nudity 

nsfw, fingering 

daydreamy sexy time feat. boobs 

NSFW, daydreamy sexy time and a pinup girl 

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