NSFW crude language 


NSFW, barely censored bits 

NSFW, some crude humors 


It's not porn, but it's the first non-story concept thing I've drawn in a few days :thinkhappy:

Drake is a Functional Bi while Rosario is a Disaster Pan. Together they are Partners in Crime.


NSFW wip 

One more round of OCs to share before 2019!

Rahela is a that travels and performs with a dancing/acrobat troupe.
Markus was originally a character I commissioned @momothistle on twitter to write a 3-part reader insert story for :bloblewd:
And then there's Harvey, my sweet piano-playing half-siren witch boy :>


More OCs to share!

My family of Minotaurs - Lilac, the younger sister; her older sister Clove; and their mother Lavender. Their family owns a tavern/bar called The Barn and are said to make a decent original Homebrew. Just don't ask to drink "straight from the tap" during business hours.

An earlier sketch for my Rosario - I still like to use it as his default reference at times because you can see the sort of choppy layers to his hair. Plus his expression is pleasantly soft.


You'll probably notice that I draw a lot of Fire Emblem or Fire Emblem inspired stuff. I just happen to be a fan of the series. I want to shift my focus onto more OCs and original ideas with future stuff, though. I got a lot of ideas going on in my brain!
But there will always be fanart. On occasion. Possibly Fridays.

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