i recently got a friend into dragon age and she likes merrill a ton so i made these


i did some doodles for a workshop im having later today.
tried to keep them real simple since they should translate well on fabric

a new design for stickertagging + an old one
i always love how strong my lines come over i these
i think i really improved these past few months, even tho i didnt have much time to spend on art


mild sploshing, a dick 

yours truly, a roach

(yez my eyebrows actually look like that dont question it)

nudity, nips 

the first snow fell so i took it upon myself to make me a snow waifu

finally doodled my grey wardens, goya surana and ciaran mahariel

i should probably introduce my oc's here too, this is gilbert, he's a big red stinky goon

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