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it really baffles me how some people with a daytime job have time for making art on the side and still manage to squeeze in other hobbies. do you guys have 25 hours in a day?? tell me your secrets

im so tempted to stay up and draw but i know from expirience that if i stay up after nine when i have an early shift im just a walking trainwreck at work hnnggg

god i cant wait till my job contract ends so i can work on my portfolio without being tired all day everyday

apparently they scrapped anatomy class at the artschool i went to for three years like?? i know only seniors got anatomy but its still fundamental and its really a shame theyre just sweeping it under the rug by saying "oh we'll just incorporate it in some of the figure drawing classes" like no booboo we need both to be able to draw and understand everything.

nibbles, my fursona
he's since gotten a redesign so he'll look slightly different in future art

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