sexualized nudity, link to porn comics site 

porn site mention 

porn site mention 

i want my new glasses, i want to look different and also be able to see

Here's some sketches !! Ouff I'm back now I figured out what the network/group name was 🤣🤣

Aaay it's update day! A peaceful page BD today though. That can only be a terrible or great sign, nothing in-between.

#webcomics #creativeToots #comics

this might be a “hot take” but i’m getting real tired of fascism

I should be done drawing my slipshine story in about 2.5 weeks!

porn mention 

11/18 pages are done in about four weeks, I really value speed and it's nice to know i'm not THE slowest artist of all time

past the halfway mark on my slipshine story and so far way ahead of schedule! wooooo!

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