No new comic today, so here is the pinup "sketch" I've been goofing off with instead of working. Added ghosts to make it betterer...

Drawn in

What happens when a vampire tries a ball gag? “Fangs” don’t go as expected…

Don’t have experience with ball gags? Not a dentist? A translation of Krissy‘s dialogue has been provided for you below:

Krissy Bubble 1: NO SHIT!

For today’s Live Nude Ghouls comic I decided to go with pure fan service. So here is "Monster girl trying on sexy lingerie".

Instead of drawing a new comic today, I redrew a character in an old one. I always liked this comic, but was ashamed of how I drew my own damn character; Zoranna the witch. You can see a comparison of this and the embarrassing original at

Had a goofy idea that I NEEDED to draw. Since I also had a weekly comic due, it became that comic.

This Patreon Commission features the genie character from my webcomic, and her sheer pants.

Comic: http:/
Patreon: http://www.patreon.livenudeghouls

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