Starting last month, I added a new perk for my Patreon supporters: A monthly Pinup! At the beginning of January, I posted a poll on Patreon asking which Live Nude Ghouls character they’d like me to draw. Unsurprisingly, Zoranna came through as the clear winner. I decided to make two versions; one clean that I could share on social media, and one nude that will stay a Patreon Exclusive.

I have already posted February's Pinup poll to Patreon, and it closes on Friday!

Last week's comic goes out to all you MILFs out there... (Mummys I'd Like to Fuck)
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Today's Live Nude Ghouls comic is... Guess the Costume!

In which I take something that probably shouldn't be a Halloween costume, then make it sexy!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Today's Live Nude Ghouls comic is about how we all hear certain jokes or comments over and over again. The demoness butt fucking the priest is just window dressing.

What are some things you hear regularly from "clever" people?

nsfw 18+ halloween f/m porn comic i am selling 

NEW COMIC! Witch's Brewjob is five pages (plus a cover) of blowy booby halloween sex comic goodness and it can be yours for $4! ADULTS ONLY.

Yesterday's Live Nude Ghouls comic was a rerun. But, I redrew one of the faces so that makes it kind of new, right? Anyway, enjoy - Getting Lucky?

What do you do when a tentacle from Hell pops out of your vagina and ruins your night? Drink!

If you want to learn more about Dorothy's special pussy, I put Volume 1 of Live Nude Ghouls on sale for $1! That's half the price of a Reese's Fast Break!

No new comic today, so here is the pinup "sketch" I've been goofing off with instead of working. Added ghosts to make it betterer...

Drawn in

What happens when a vampire tries a ball gag? “Fangs” don’t go as expected…

Don’t have experience with ball gags? Not a dentist? A translation of Krissy‘s dialogue has been provided for you below:

Krissy Bubble 1: NO SHIT!

For today’s Live Nude Ghouls comic I decided to go with pure fan service. So here is "Monster girl trying on sexy lingerie".

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