@RedPandasInflatedEgo im doing alright! Started my 2nd job today. Hope it doesn't get too overwhelming LOL

@lzrdwzrd doing okay! Hung out in a park with a pal and had a sandwich. Now I'm going to hang with a different pal in a different park and eat a different sandwich.

@glad_cartoonist mmm yeah. Sounds like a good day! I work at a park and I've had my bestie bring me food before 😂

@lzrdwzrd I wouldn't mind being more awake, but otherwise I can't complain!

@virtualwolf oooo I feel that. Ever since I quit drinking coffee I'm extra tired. But like, I also feel so much better!

@lzrdwzrd Nice one! I'm still on the coffee, though down to only two a day. In my case it was more just a poor night's sleep last night, haha.

i'm a bt hungry, otherwise warm and content though. i have a cat sleeping on me. hbu?

@zoe awww I love cats but im so allergic 😭 I want a hairless one. But honestly havent done much research so im not sure if I would still be allergic to them???

@Withlovebytaylor doing good! Hanging in there lol. Glad you are wonderful 🤍🤍

@lzrdwzrd @curator doing okay thanks! I live in a desert and we've had lots of rain the last couple of days so feeling grateful. How are you?

@little_mug @curator omg what a wonderful thing! I love water. And I can imagine living in a desert, water must be so beautiful and sacred 🤍

@lzrdwzrd @curator it's a great thing to see, if it rains enough in the right spot the river flows (usually it's a dry sandy riverbed) and the whole town comes out to see it 💗

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