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Joined the Fediverse Jan 2018 ([email protected]) to provide more male-admiring content. Before turned its back on a number of users (probably due, in part, to commercial interests).

artwork of this type remains pretty underrepresented in general. The works of a lot of talented 2D artists are repeatedly frustrated and curtailed by social media sites seeking to make a profit.

So I'm really looking forward to promoting these types of artists here* πŸ’ͺ

New furry art (NSFW, but not completely nude / drawn EC) 

Check out this big fancy cat! I had a very strong desire to see my sona in something a lot skimpier, and I gotta say, he's looking flawless.

Art by PettyJackal!

CW: wet swimwear becoming sheer

And here's the full version: Fish out of Water. Hope you guys like it. #swimmer

#bara #artbite #fediart #mastoart #gayart #art
[CW] ass
Adrift: A drawing I did for someone. Happy with how it turned out.

#beefcake #bara #gayart #gay #art

The polo players are fed up with their cocky coach. watch the team serve the coach some humble pie followed by some .

A story and illustration by Absolut Bleu ([email protected]).

Hi there, frens! I'm Tavros, a brazilian illustrator. Drawing sexy, hot men is my favorite thing! Find me here:

πŸ”Ά furaffinity:
πŸ”Ά twitter:
πŸ”Ά ko-fi:

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