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I don't really care to be a SEO ONLINE MARKETING expert, so I don't know how to promote my monitization stuff like a pro. Nonetheless, I do have all the usual stuff going on! I also love every donor.



Unfortunalty, I don't have donation incentives for those sources.

But, if you want something in return for your cash;

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‣Piss Dreamcast
‣Libertarian Socialist leaning

‣Remind me to update my y2k isekai webcomic
‣Art drawer and graphics creator
‣Number one derivative work stan

‣Sex positive and Kink positive
‣Anti Incest+Pedophilia+Abuse. Disagree? Delete your account + DNI
‣Cultivation theory is real, so let's all cultivate a weirder queerer world together!
‣My artwork WILL turn the frogs gay


Pay me for art here

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pinned repost policy 😋

‣ All my work is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0

‣ TL;DR: Repost with credit, and make derivative works off of my art. But don't profit off of doing so.

‣ As a leftist and occasional derivative artist, I am opposed to copyright law, and support remix culture.

‣ But out of respect for other small and indie artists, I won't profit off their works. And don't want people profiting off of mine. Thanks!

chat, vent-ish 

anyone else surviving off of parasocial relationships during the pandemic or is it just me?

are parasocial relationships Healthy? Who cares. i need them right now.

🔞 R18+/NSFW Sketch, Hot take in sketch form 

Horny Art Hot take time.

This is a callout to myself as well, and is meant to inspire people with ideas I don't see around enough. Not to diss anyone for drawing different ideas. I've been there, I've drawn every subject mentioned in the "tired" catergory in the past myself. I want to inspire, not shame. ;3

(You could say similar things about trans women in horny art, but it's not my place to do so. But,,, you could,,,)

The real question is, who's NOT drawing dicks? 

me 😔


Galaxy brain Horny art idea: sucking two tcocks.

This is like the fourth pass of guidelines with a flatted BG, can't go any further until I choose what charas I want to draw like this. and I have no ideas still

"it looks like a toilet roll, but it's actually a cake!", the video is titled
you click it.

But when the knife comes down, that's not a cake.
What it is?
Why does it's blood smell like that?

I made this to say "This but unironically".

Feels pertinent to mention the artist is Matt Bors and the original comic was first posted here:

nsfw chat 

horny nudes and art of trans men which focuses on the t cock and deemphasises the hole... 🥴😳 that's good stuff

Jojo sketch dump have fucking fun (SFW, but contains spoilers for parts 3 and 5) 

"Nice Cock" memes are transmasc culture

My heart grows 2 sizes when I see Nice Cock memes.

🥺🥺🥺tfw when somebody says my cock is nice even if it's a Meme🥺🥺🥺

Artist notes 

Catboy is like 2 letters away from a transphobic slur. I won't say the slur, but. I am always htinking about this Fact.

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