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I don't really care to be a SEO ONLINE MARKETING expert, so I don't know how to promote my monitization stuff like a pro. Nonetheless, I do have all the usual stuff going on! I also love every donor.



Unfortunalty, I don't have donation incentives for those sources.

But, if you want something in return for your cash;

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‣Piss Dreamcast
‣Libertarian Socialist leaning

‣Remind me to update my y2k isekai webcomic
‣Art drawer and graphics creator
‣Number one derivative work stan

‣Sex positive and Kink positive
‣Anti Incest+Pedophilia+Abuse. Disagree? Delete your account + DNI
‣Cultivation theory is real, so let's all cultivate a weirder queerer world together!
‣My artwork WILL turn the frogs gay


Pay me for art here

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pinned repost policy 😋

‣ All my work is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0

‣ TL;DR: Repost with credit, and make derivative works off of my art. But don't profit off of doing so.

‣ As a leftist and occasional derivative artist, I am opposed to copyright law, and support remix culture.

‣ But out of respect for other small and indie artists, I won't profit off their works. And don't want people profiting off of mine. Thanks!

chat, nsfw, delete later 

I genuinely wish I made porn art with a fraction of the power that boring cisallohet porn art has. Cisallohets really live in my mind rent-free 😔


I got into NSFW art because I wanted to draw weird shit. But I started being more normal, because even normal queer porn is under-represented. And I just draw what I want there to be more of.


But I've gotta be weird again.

I say as if I'm not drawing a comic of Bowser fucking Princess Peach's ass with his giant t-cock

the discourse 

at least fediverse discourse is something that is worth caring about. this is the only one I've had in years of being here. I'm certain that controversies pop up all the time across Fediverse, but I don't have to fucking know.

rather than a birdsite algorithm feeding me a "bean dad" I'm meant to care about now. he sounds shit, but knowing he exists doesn't affect my life. at least it got a few more ppl discussing how bad the nuclear family is! we won't remember bean dad in February

People don't need Adobe's permission to continue to use Flash.

Macromedia Flash 8 is easy to obtain for free. It still works on Windows 10, just as well as it did on older systems back in 2005.

Treat Flash like it's public domain, until we can bully Adobe into making it public domain.

Flash is dead, long live Flash.

...Happy new year!

🔞 🎨 r18 colour sketch, blood and gore (+toplessness) 


Chat, leftist griping. 

True ending: capitalism is bad for art. I need capitalism to end.

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Chat, NSFW mention, look at the poll. 

Best pricing plan for selling a short (5 to 8 page) porn comic?

Capitalist mindset please. I want to do the last one but I also want money.

1: Nothing but a shitty promo for free. Pay for the whole thing.
2: Abridged/censored preview for free. Pay for the full uncensored version.
3: Free in SD only. Pay for full HD.
4: Just give it away for free, with optional donations. God I wish I could do this and trust enough people to donate-

Not drawing a horny xmas illustration this year. im a shitty old man who fucking hates xmas this year.

Textpost, SFW 

Sometimes I just find an incredibly active fediverse instance, which just uses all the default stuff. Like, even the easily changed assets like image branding and instance description.

And it like... yeah, there's a story there! There's a reason why a group of people are attracted to this community, with no distigushing features! What's the story there? That's neat.

I've been on this bullshit on the birdsite so I wanted to spread the word.

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Biological sex is a social construct. 😌🌸

The only "biological sex" I wanna hear about is fucking.

Chat, probably something I've posted about before 

Do you ever think about that time when a bunch of celebrities joined mastodon dot social, but quit 48 hours later because the site didn't coddle them.

It was like William Shatner and Glinner so good riddence lmao, but still. I think about it a lot. Specifically from a perspective of how corperate web coddles traditional media celebrities a lot.

Textpost, SFW TL;DR, birdsite 

My Twitter account is over a decade old. I joined Twitter to follow webcomic artists I liked.

I have some emotions about it. Sometimes.

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Textpost, SFW TL;DR 

I can't help but think I should use Mastodon more, and that there's something exciting and terrifing about the fediverse as a whole.

I don't know where to begin here.

It's like I'm back in 2005 again. Nobody I know and no structures to cling too.

I made bad choices on which websites to visit as a teen. I have choice paralysis now.

One day I'll ween myself off corporate web. I hope.

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