You don't really know why but you wanna justify rippin someone's head off.

It's just one of those days when you don't wanna wake up.

Skulls with beards. For those wondering how that's even possible. It's the pure hate and a bit of masking tape.

Still trying to name this half-orc character. Any thoughts?

Who wants a chance at a free commission? All you gots to do is fave and boost muh toot.

Oh man does that sound weird.

What’s he running from?

He’s not!

He’s running to McDoopin Draws for great art at affordable prices.

McDoopin Draws LLC is not responsible for accidental death or dismemberment resulting from improper/proper use of it's products and services.

Legally distinct cookie based cereal mascot coming through.

Wudup y'all? Bird site got you down? Then allow me to toot somethin' at ya.

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