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I'm reposting those really lewd cyborg trans lesbians with a penchant for mechanical violence pics again and you can't stop me 

doodle time; always kinda wanted Charlie to be a bit rounder and softer, and be a bit further from the more vaguely athletic looking Boo. so I ended up following some advice on how to do that; I think it's worked out fairly well

Okay did a good deal of 3d stuff today; Boo's Hair is done and her tails partly done, soon I'll be able to get to putting a costume on her and putting her in a pose

Done for my patreon; Boo getting vamped by Ryoko who's out for a quick bite I guess

Happy Halloween, all

okay, sort of a tricky sketch commission for Octopus Man of Yuya being bridal carried by their bf Sano

Yuya's a pretty big girl though so he's uh... he's having some trouble

OctopusMan gets their OCs Raru and Yuya making silly faces, Corivas' Eloise suffers some inconvenient lewd spell, Zerowags Crimson Tentacle mugs for the camera, and ZoopBoopLoops newbie succubus Syme fidgets

okay, stream finished, here's the finished comms (minus one which was asked to be withheld); first up all of Mazinja's just for convenience's sake

then the remaining sfwish ones... of which there are none, so lets get straight to the sexy stuff

okay, planning on doing a sketch commission stream in approximately an hour; also a lot closer to finished with this silly 3d model ting I've been doing

marked sensitive due to like, bardbie doll nudity I guess

also the scene in question, as of my latest wip; nearly all of this is gonna need to be redone though

I've been working on a 3d piece and have started getting to the point where I need to start to actively design the environment and such so uh, design sketches

And becasue "super hero" is a prompt I'm having trouble with, skipping to current instead and doing Gaminktober no.10 - Exotic Dancer

cw - cute slightly ambiguous boi butt

Gaminktober no.6 - Post Apocalyptic Survivor(s) - working together will help you survive

and no.8 Dragon - fluffly annoyed lesbiab dragn

blergh, the fighting game one totally threw me, so now I have to play catch up

no.4 1v1 Fighting game and no.5 - Villager

costumes might be slightly dubious for your work machine, so content warning despite no lewdness

Done for my patreon; Ranma stuck in some kind of weird sci-fi machine that's something something technobabble removing curse something locked as a girl. Also inseminating her because someone added that to the first and that combo got the most votes. shrugs

Gaminktober no.3; Sci-Fi

"... are we sure this is a good idea? I mean, I know we're getting low on options but putting a human brain into a combat retrofitted sex robot is uh..."

experimenting with the grease paint pencil that got added to blender

is pretty neat

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