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commission info in case anyone is interested. best to contact me directly for details but i've also got a link to the actual tumblr post this is from

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i should prolly do one of these posts huh- hi i'm nep! i'm testing this out as an alternative to tumblr. its pretty different from what i'm used to so i'll prolly take a bit to get used to it? i mostly draw fantrolls 'n other OCs. most of my OCs are trans or LGBA. uhh i never know what to put in these things but idk- i'm a bit scatterbrained but happy to talk ; D

someone suggested dei + kuru should "bond" over a dick to share but uhhh kuru hogs things

[he/him for both]


not-troll kuru's a faun, predictably

maybe someday i'll write more consistently ?? bc out of context stuff can be weird

**he/him pronouns for kuru**

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