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Hello friends!!

I'm Chanel, an illustrator and writer. Hot girl twitter reject. Daily drawer.

I really just want to post my dumb drawings and pics of my dog.

venting about npd parents 

it's bizarre 1. because we're all grown and 2. they only started the channels after my sister had attempted to make her own (and quit).

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venting about npd parents 

In this bizarre situation where both of my parents (who we're terrible ppl growing up) are now small youtubers. They are small, but they still have a following and it's getting increasingly uncomfortable to acknowledge, knowing how they actually behave irl. Their channels are the only things they care about atm and they regularly use the kids (me and my siblings) as props to look like 'good parents'.

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venting about npd parents 

I like mastodon bc it's the only platform where I don't have to worry about running into my family (who have been cyberstalking me ever since I cut them off in November). So I'm sorry if I rant a lot on here but it's really the only safe space for me rn.

stuff going on in dc 

A prof just emailed our class "hey I know there's a coup rn but don't forget to do your hw"

complaining about academia 

I'm currently teaching an Intro to Fiction course and -holy shit- being able to teach one of my special interests [AND] being able to design a more accessible class structure is incredible. But it's also devastating seeing how little effort it takes to make classes accessible and provide reasonable expectations and there are profs that STILL WONT.

(Eye contact, painting) in addition to getting nothing done that I was supposed to do, I painted this absolute unit of a painting. I’m v proud of this bad boy.

Day three of acquiring a personality: I've spent six hours straight on tiktok, which led me to wonder whether I'm too old for tiktok. This is all to say I did not complete my lesson plans for this week, did not pass go, and did not collect 200$.

resolving to make worse posts this year

Day one of trying to have a personality: I’ve decided I’m hot. I ooze hotness. It getting into the carpet and it’s actually quite burdensome. Bleach isn’t working and the hotness has clogged my vacuum.

This will be one of my main personality traits, and possibly my only one.

[dumb disjointed comic, NYE mention, eye contact] hello every year this happens to me.

My news years resolution is to get a personality

during the 19th century, there were a number of breakaway churches in france founded by wandering bishops. one of these was the ecclesia gnostica catholica, whose three founders later conferred episcopal ordination and gave the leadership of the organisation to the german occultist and masonic theodor reuss

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[cyclops eye contact and swears] I drew a sassy box head this morning because I could not be bothered to draw a full figure today ~and that’s ok~ trying to mix things up so I don’t get burnt out

the boys
they destroyed their cage
the boys are back in town

[eye contact drawing] I saw this ridiculously expensive jacket that I LOVE so I drew a frog outfit.

yeah i "read theory"

*gestures at stack of teen vogue magazines*

For the first time this year I hit my daily writing goal, can I get a yeehaw

do you have to drink brewski's to be a broski, or does the broski come with the hockey jersey?

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