Haven't drawn fanart in aaaaages, but it felt like the only choice. Not particularly proud of the details as I ground it out real quick before bed, but pretty proud of myself for three days in a row!

Hey, two inktobers in a row! I kind of can't believe it. A bit of a, er, different direction on this one.

Obviously late to the game (and most likely not going to be able to keep up), but thought it'd be fun to jump into inktober for the first time ever.


Realized I had a bit about drawing naked elves in my bio but hadn't actually posted any, so this happened.

It's Saturday night and I'm exhausted, so here's a floating naked girl for some reason?

suggestive bulge 

Man, all I wanted to do today was come home and draw and that is not how things went. I'm happy to be excited about it again, but ugh, bummer day. I roasted tiny sweet potatoes for dinner though, so.

Hey out there! I started working on a giant NSFW comic last year intended for Tumblr but then...yeah. My enthusiasm kind of fell off when it lost its home, but now I think maybe it could be here? I'm excited about it again, so to say hi here's one of the better pictures of Ylla, a dwarf crafter turned adventurer and the sort of main character.

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