Well, things went as they do and I missed a bunch of sketches. But! I've been watching tutorials and stuff and I'm excited to try and get better.

‪I was thinking about joining reddit as I’ve stumbled into a few things there lately where the kind of stuff I do/want to do might fit in, but someone already has my name. They never even posted anything! Blast.‬

So today turned into a shit sandwich and I didn’t get any time to draw. Pretty bummed I broke my streak of successful daily sketches, but I have to go to bed. I WILL be drawing a girl in shorteralls tomorrow though, hell or high water.

I just saw a girl out in shorteralls! Are those coming back? When I get home I can promise you my daily sketch today will feature shorteralls.

Really pleased that the dailysketch hashtag says "7 per week" now, which means I'm actually keeping up with these. XD

I actually did this one inside the 10 minute limit I originally planned for these!

In some notes for a project I just described a character as "Maybe tsundere? I don’t anime enough to know if I’m using that word right."

Had the submission window open for this three hours ago when I had to run out and change a tire, so...yeah.

So I'm going to try to start doing a thing since I had so much fun with the six fanarts deal. First up, I've been pandemic-rewatching The Walking Dead, and just had to draw Carol from JSS. So badass.

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