I might be getting better at this... Based on a photo I found, model and photo credit unknown. Digital painting on iPad Pro using Procreate.

These schoolgirls are probably not as innocent as they look...

An anonymous request from two schoolgirls — Something more innocent than my usual, and in full color!

I'm still learning the best methods for digital illustrations like this so I'll probably be experimenting with my process and style in the near future.

Anyone like medical examination fetish? 

Probably my most explicit BDSM sketch. (Sep 2, 2018) 🔞

A very special request/commission from a girl on FetLife who’s been a fan of my artwork. She wanted me to “have my way with her” on paper so she sent me a bunch of nude photos to reference. The pose and bondage is inspired by Kink.com

One Bar Prison Sketch (BDSM) 

This one is based on a photo from a model on Fetlife who requested I draw her any way I wanted, or “artistically dom her” on paper… Let’s just say the rope and hitachi wand were my ideas.

This lovely lady on requested I draw her. I started with a simple nude figure drawing for practice before getting kinky (I'll post those later).

🔞 This drawing is based on a shibari photo/video featuring the model 'Rina Uchimura'.

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