I might be getting better at this... Based on a photo I found, model and photo credit unknown. Digital painting on iPad Pro using Procreate.

porn, consentacles 


Hello! I do sketches of girls in and other or situations. I occasionally do commissions too.

I usually post my on my Tumblr and Fetlife profile but thought I'd give Mastodon a try also.

Here's my first NSFW sketch that got me started. Hope you like it!

Pretty Derby commission, Special Week and Silence Suzuka. Another cute redhead to add to the list. ❤️

These schoolgirls are probably not as innocent as they look...

An anonymous request from two schoolgirls — Something more innocent than my usual, and in full color!

I'm still learning the best methods for digital illustrations like this so I'll probably be experimenting with my process and style in the near future.

Commissions are open! email me if you're interested or have any questions 💖 💕

@kittyangela Good process. I've been working on getting looser and faster with my first-pass, I definitely have the bad habit of starting detail too early... With digital I have no excuses.

@kittyangela Thanks for posting! Do you do thumbnails before starting a drawing like this? You seemed to have a good idea of the pose you wanted already.

time lapse art video ! just a speed paint clip showing my drawing process and ending with the finished line art. part 2 with color coming soon ✨

(note: the quality is lowered for upload, and there is no sound recorded/added)

I have even added a note on how to mark images as NSFW in the rules, but people still miss that

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