So... today i've learned if anyone wanted to contact me, mention me, fav or follow me from baraag, pawoo, humblr, and who knows how many other places i would get absolutely no notification of that. Great. Sorry to anyone i didn't responded to. I guess it's time to rethink my options again

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@ohdesire isn't baraag the CP instance?

If so, that's a good reason to block them

@kkkkkj I'm an adult. I don't need an internet surrogate parent who tells me who i can talk to. I don't advocate for CP, but it's like banning gmail server from all other email services because i'm sure they use it too.

@ohdesire it most definitely is *not* like GMail being blocked, because, unlike pawoo and baraag, GMail is not a known hub for pedos to share CP and loli (which is just CP for cowards)

There's no central moderation in Mastodon, so instances (esp. small ones) need ways to protect themselves from shitty instances. If you don't like which instances are blocked or silenced, you're free to switch instances

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