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Each month I issue a freshly inked
coloring page for my Sugar Guardians on Patreon and this December I wanted to acknowledge the end of year holiday season with a goth Yule wreath which I feel honors the doom and gloom that this year has already become famous for in its own time. 🕸🎄

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Hi y’all I’m Miss PJ Superior. Like many, I recently joined Mastodon in light of the coming updates to FB/IG that target furthered censorship explicitly towards femmes and queers especially artists, educators, and particularly sex workers, as if these groups ain’t already been gettin it especially those not thin and white. You can check out my work at 🌹 I call this photo “Self Portrait of a Survivor”

Considering migrating to but it seems perhaps a redirect may be a better option. 🤔 I dunno I’m not detailed on what all’s fucked up on

World map accuracy. Distorted map making has long made for distorted perceptions of the world, not only geologically but socially too.

I’m stoked to receive feedback on my Coloring Guide to Tarot that confirms exactly my mission in offering these handmade coloring books! 🥰✨ This concise guide about the planetary numerology in the Tarot helps your readings flow with greater simplicity and understanding- and it’s fun to color! 🌈🪐 available at 🔮

Drew this for 2016. It was a rough one too. A little more so on a very personal, intimate level.

I was struck with inspiration for a new queer resistance Zine for the new year last night!! 🌩 I wrote it down. Not enough for me, I then drew the rough sketches. And then I couldn’t resist some color tests! Hopefully I’ll have it out by Valentine’s Day. Til then, previews of the ideas and processes are available only to my Patreon supporters.

Art and money: the great taboo. 

From the article: “Art is work. The fact that people do it out of love, or self-expression, or political commitment, doesn’t make it any less so. ... Wanting to get paid does not mean that you’re a capitalist. It doesn’t even mean that you assent to capitalism. It only means that you live in a capitalist society. ... You don’t have to be doing something for the money to want to get money for doing it. You just have to be alive.” 🎨 🎸 📸 🖊

The organic farmer whose harvest we were blessed to frolic around naked had one of my Maria tapestries hung in his bedroom window! He also had this amazing hanging heart vase I adore and my girl snapped these photos of me holding it in front of Maria. I am into the light distortion that happened.

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Cannabis + Nudity 

Lucky to finally have experienced Oregon harvest for the first time and get some shooting in with some beloved babes back in October 💚 Surprise car troubles in the pandemic made the journey scary in the beginning but we were still able to unite with our people safely.

Some tame selections from this year’s Kinktober art challenge. ⛓ For these I concentrated on depicting implements rather than acts of play. 🏓 Prompt words: gag, lingerie, fluff, and lick

Each I create is unique. 🌌 For example, both of these people are Libras born into the year of the Snake. Zodiacs inspired from Celtic and Mayan traditions are also incorporated in the divination process from which emerges each custom vision initiated with only a birth date. 💫

Even now the greatest of solid mountain slopes are yet shifting with the winds. 🏔

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Even as I lay still, my blood flows and my breathe rises and falls. Peace is unattainable when strived for in stillness if this nature of stillness ain’t accepted. Just as courage is not defined by an absence of fear, peace is not an absence of action but a balance of being in action. ☮️ ☯️

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Realization in meditation: Stillness is the illusion observed from perfect steadiness of action in flow. The still of the middle of the ocean is an illusion of vantage as the same oceans’ edges undulate, crashing in tides upon expanses of many different shores. 🌊

Full Moon at home in Cancer ♋️ trusting intuition, listening to the heart with fluid dream interpretations, noting synchronicities for reassurance with a focus on rest and recovery.

In 2010 TN courts sentenced me for substance possession without evidence documented because the way they arrested me was through an emergency service call. They said I didn’t have a “real emergency“ and abused public emergency services thereby making me a “domestic terrorist” which invoked the Patriot Act upon me in order for officer testimony to take place of physical evidence. The man who blew out statewide emergency service grids with explosives is not a democratic terrorist but I am.

my drawing of the inspiring @pjsuperior ✨ i was meaning to create a dreamy angelic creature as a totem of good luck for the next year! may she protect you all 🌟

Too fat for you on Instagram 

When pictures showing any of my tum folds at all where being auto removed last year and I was getting emails about my account on probation for deletion, and while my skinny friends got away with publicly posting full body nudes, I decided to draw myself concentrating on a most “offensive” part of my body, deemed too fat for your eyes. Funny how my beauty supposedly reached its acceptable peak when almost starving to death from chronic illness- fuck that!

shitposting is fun and all but have you tried 

sincere posting?

No seriously it's okay to like be human and have emotions and like talk about how you're feeling or whatever? like you can control your privacy level per post, you can, in some instances, post instance only posts. Lots of ways to control the level of access to your post so you can, in a controlled fashion let some walls down.

Welcome to all the artists who recently joined the Fediverse!
If you are an artist and a woman, you may tell me so I can follow you and boost your art. Also, you may want to tag your creations with the hashtag #WomensArt to make it easier for others to find them.

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