Grand Conjunction today 🪐♒️ : As many work to realize greater freedom, others fear the uncertainty of true liberation. If that seems heavy, well it is. Saturn and Jupiter are our two heaviest planets in our solar system meeting up after all! Combined with the longest night in the northern hemisphere and the longest day in the other, those tones of karmic fortune are further highlighted ... These are powerful times. ✨This musing from more detailed insights for Star Supporters on Patreon

I am dumbfounded by all the people who claim that staying on Instagram and actually self censoring is way more radical and sticking it to the man somehow than simply migrating to Mastodon and being free of all that. People also talking about how difficult it is to set up an account and how dangerous it is??? It’s bizarre. But that’s a solstice grand conjunction for ya. Most just don’t wanna lose their followers since they’re not all here already yet even if only 2% of them are even served.

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Another strange Solstice Grand Conjunction effect is people being mad at you for agreeing with them. Watch out not only for that energy coming at you but coming from you too. Humans like to confirm view points conversationally by expressing the same concepts in different words in response and some of those words hold powerful but very individually unique, rather than universal, associations causing snap misunderstandings. We are called to embrace common threads while plaiting loose fibers.

I did check into Instagram today to see what was up and make another encouragement to try Mastodon and received a random comment from a private account about personally “undermining and insulting BIPOC SW’rs from [my] ivory tower” posting here for the boycott “on a platform largely populated by white supremacists”. 🤔 They said they checked out out my profile but did not reference anything specific so I wonder if this most boosted of my toots pissed them off.

Mystery harasser with yet another private puppet account most recently claimed using and promoting Mastodon as easy to use is “unsafe” for and “gaslighting” of neurodivergent people... of which I am. On the same Instagram post with .2% engagement so you know they found me from Mastodon and not actually on Instagram itself in the first place. 🤨 *checks list of followers to confirm a vast majority mentioning being autistic to keep from doubting sanity*

@pjsuperior mostly i just don't get how to make posting pictures look good and not just like using twitter

@gabbyschulz what do you mean by “making posting pictures look good”?

@pjsuperior easy to post, easy to scroll thru, formatted for phones, easy to see in my feed - like populated in groups and not as attachments to tweets

@gabbyschulz wow I’m sorry you’re having so many issues! The paper clip icon in the lower left corner lets you attach pictures to any toot you draft. You can add multiple. On profiles, you will see the “media” tab next to “toots and replies” for any user where you can scroll through photos. Hope this helps!

@pjsuperior thanks for the tip on the media tab, i had to scroll overa bit to make it show lol

@gabbyschulz there’s a little more features to explore but it’s kinda like learning a new game- it’s helpful to have some semblance of the rules but to really learn and have fun you gotta go ahead and jump in and play! 🎲

@lilperc666 wuuuut ok clue me tf in please!! Just got home from the seaside star viewing and that thing kinda interrupted making dinner which I told myself I was gonna have before replying to your text!!

@pjsuperior just joined as per your recommendation. Figuring this out, but agree with your perspectives. Trying to find new ways to build community around artistic efforts.

@pjsuperior I've just read into it and it seems like Gab hijacked Mastodon's software when they were dropped by GoDaddy, but it seems like almost everyone has blocked them and kept them isolated as best as they can. Gab=/=Mastodon.

@baileychristinestudios thank you for this information! I did not know of this yet!

@pjsuperior No one will readily accept other platforms unless popular individuals do it first. Mainstream 'content creator' type people will obviously not do that. Neither will people who have their needs met very comfortably on those platforms. So, we are stuck in this loop.

As for censorship, I just moved from "Mastodon.Art" because my account was restricted, get this, for a fart cartoon that featured a nude character! So, I don't even know yet what is better.

@pjsuperior I'm not really helping the argument with my rant, am I? :p

On principle, I want this to work as well. But people pulling the same shit for different reasons is fucking discouraging when one is trying to work.

@arefgee dang I am disappointed that your art got fucked with on that instance! I am also quite disappointed that this instance doesn’t federate with switter. Specific examples like that on how things are or aren’t working is important to figuring out a way forward!

@pjsuperior Yea it's gross. Such people are just fools who just can't move forward from that disgusting censorship.

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