Too fat for you on Instagram 

When pictures showing any of my tum folds at all where being auto removed last year and I was getting emails about my account on probation for deletion, and while my skinny friends got away with publicly posting full body nudes, I decided to draw myself concentrating on a most “offensive” part of my body, deemed too fat for your eyes. Funny how my beauty supposedly reached its acceptable peak when almost starving to death from chronic illness- fuck that!

Too fat for you on Instagram 

@pjsuperior This is beautiful!!!

@pjsuperior i post my nude art on instagram and i'm lucky enough to not have them delete it. as a fat femme, its absolutely bullshit our mere curves set them off. this is amazing btw!!!

@witchy @pjsuperior curve censorship is total bullshit and it's HARMFUL. I spent years hating and harming my body because I never saw art and photos like these. Showing fat forms is literally life saving. Keep it up 🥰💕

@kurious I’m so glad there is more art out there of all kinds of shapes of beautiful bodies! 💖 I think one good thing that can come out of social media is that more artists can share their work openly without a middleman at a gallery or magazine etc. to filter “what is real art” to people and we see so much more variety resultingly.

@witchy @pjsuperior I’m pretty sure they’re cracking down on nsfw shit in the new year though :( I read that somewhere something something Facebook policy something something blah

@witchy thank you! I’ve been fortunate for anything very obviously not a photo being safe so when photos of just some inches of my belly showing were being removed I decided I’d revel in its fullness under my pencil and share it anyway. Funny how society says fat isn’t sexy but censors it in the same of sexual activity! So which is it? 😅😘

Too fat for you on Instagram 

@pjsuperior Love it, hot damn

Too fat for you on Instagram 

@pjsuperior That's a perfect example of Instagram is not a social network but a "business network" like I call it. They want a good impression, stuff that makes people dream, """beautiful""" stuff. Money over social is just awful and ugly.

Also nice drawing, keep up the good work! :arevbunhdhappy:

Too fat for you on Instagram 

@matthilde thank you for the encouragement! 🥰💕

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