my first toot! hi everyone! i'm new here from instagram, i'm excited for a platform without unreal expectations/crazy algorithms.
i mostly do digital art and paint, and recently opened my own etsy! here's some fun prints i made recently :^)

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@raptorkiid hi there, welcome! Super beautiful works, love the colour schemes, looking forward to seeing more from you :bubbleheart:

@raptorkiid @ElisaUllien ooooh I love your work! So colourful and happy ☺️

@raptorkiid wow these are gorgeous!! V tangible emotions, I enjoy looking at them very much!!! 💜💜

@raptorkiid hello, welcome! You’re illustrations are so lovely!

@raptorkiid these are incredible i love the different color themes and characters!!

@raptorkiid your art is incredible!! when i get some money, i'll probably buy a print or two :black_sparkling_heart:

@raptorkiid Okiii, hello Anna ! We're all so very excited to share this journey with you! (^o^) /

As a person who loves mother natch and what surrounds us, I can relate to your art so much, specially the art on this post! This feels so calming and it's so beautiful!
It gives me flashbacks from when I used to be in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and animals only and where I haven't had any contact with any human being for days. 😭

I really love it! ❤️

@aven aah!! thank you! i love yours too!! your style is so nice 💫

@raptorkiid Beautiful images, thanks for sharing, Anna.

And welcome to the Fediverse! ✨🙂

@raptorkiid I like your style. It feels gentle and colorful.

@raptorkiid: welcome aboard friend! your art genuinely rocks <3. I love the mushroom dude omg :o

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