The illustration was too massive but heres a zoom in! It was for Mermay this year.
Was inspired by Lemon Sharks how they need attention by scuba divers and how they get jealous if they don't get the needed attention. Also I really like Seahorses and how they "hook" their tails on things.So Seahorse is giving Lemon Shark the attention they deserve!

Old NSFW Sketch I made when Nightborne was announced to be an Allied Race with the Horde.

The one thing I wish Mastodon does is not crop the images.
I really liked how Tumblr does it by showing the full image already.
I hate scrolling and clicking each image just to view it.

Welp, Dunno how to get the emoji's to show but you know what I was trying to do 😂 !!!

Hey, I am Red and I like drawing girls and monsters!
I hope to learn more so I can make a comic and maybe a game ! I like to make character concepts and illustrations.
I am both SFW and NSFW 🔞 !

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