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hello / time ?? ✨

my name is fiona (she/her), I’m a 20 year old artist from sydney, aus, & I’m currently studying fine arts majoring in painting and drawing!

my fav mediums are oils and gouache, but I also love print making, embroidery and sketchbooking. I print and embroider on shirts & totes that I sell along with my prints/stickers etc.!!

keen to meet some lovely art pals on here! 💗
posting my from insta coz I guess it’s fitting for an intro🤷🏻‍♀️

well...i'm a bit confused as to why a whole instance can get cancelled for one users actions, but oh well. I was considering moving to already so I guess now's the time to do that? not quite sure how this works, but I guess you'll find me over there 🤷‍♀️

in October I made my own little “inktober” prompt list, and my goal was to get better at using gouache (which I was completely new to at the time)
I won’t post all of them here coz I don’t want to spam, so I’ll just be posting a few of my favourites!
This was my day 1, the prompt was “marble” 🔮

I have some A5 prints of this one available in my shop

I've been printing shirts by hand for a few years now, mostly silk screen but recently started block printing with lino as well - these are my current designs 🌼 excited to make some new ones over my break 🕺

(these are available at )

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“we don’t talk about that here”

another page from my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project 🌱
(sketchbook tour: )

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(and 2/2) “welcome home” (2020), oil on loose canvas, 50 x 40cm

This one’s definitely a favourite painting from this year 💕

(1/2) “welcome home” (2020), oil on loose canvas, 50 x 40cm

these were the first of my paintings in this style, done for uni back in May. really loved doings these🎨

sometimes I do embroidery on clothing, here’s a little cowboy frog tee I made a couple of this year 🐸🤠 (these are sold)

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this was my first time trying out gouache paint earlier this year 🐸 I’ve since fallen in love with this medium??
ref pic is Toby toad (@ yaboi_toby_toad on Instagram)

Still have a few prints of this available in my shop!

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Sunset over calm ocean. Red, blue and black ballpoint pen. In my shop.

Still going with the archive posting, here’s an abstract mixed media landscape piece from first year uni (2019)
Oils, polymer clay and embroidery on loose canvas 🎨

One of my favourite pages from my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project

I made a sketchbook tour with some additional info about the project that’s up on my youtube if anyone’s interested! (it’s my first and only video atm)

Materials used: graphite, tinted graphite, tissue paper, masking tape, card paper scraps, and some snippets of photos that printed poorly when my printer was out of ink 🥴

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