Now I can't exactly remember why I started this. Oh well. At least it helped me get out of my drawing rut.

Haven't drawn this guy for awhile.
Trying something different with the colors this time.

Made for Kinktober on Paperdemon.

I had this weird idea to draw a big beefy guy being powerless.

I found a nice pencil sketching brush in Krita sometime ago. Decided to switch it up for this one.

I was unhappy with my art going nowhere for awhile so I went back to sketching off of references for awhile. But it paid off. I still need to do it more though.

ARPG character I'm using over on Paperdemon. Made while experimenting with Krita watercolor brushes, but I'm happy with the results.

Finally, I managed to get an account here. Been wanting to do it for awhile now. Unfortunately, I'm kind of busy at the moment, so you might see some older stuff for awhile.

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