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hello i'm vn! i like a variety of content ranging from mild to spicy, but i aim to thoroughly tag. almost anything is fair game except rape/noncon, underage, and scat.

all characters portrayed here are over 18 and all content is *consensual*

i love to open requests! brownie points for including description of your character's personality and/or suggestions for expression or pose. ;3

there is a standing, open invitation for you to come and tell me about your ocs!

revives from the dead to draw porn of gashapon mobile game units?

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nsfw, nudity, a cute ghost 

@rojira rolly's ghostly admirer enlists some friends to help out!

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Hey y'all! I'm gonna test trial this to see how this goes.
Feel free to join there is an Oc space, general, nsfw, and art channels :^) I am still working on it, so any suggestion including bots are welcomed and depending on how many join I'll start accepting/searching for mods

Boost this to help spread it out once you join, hope yall are down!

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So, I thought that if I gotta establish something here, I should talk about my NΒ°1 girl; Rora Spades.

She's the protagonist of a webcomic I hope to write someday. Half-human, she's around 20, 4'9" of muscle and whimsical personality.

She's a chaotic neutral, pansexual, adrenaline-addicted occultist/exorcist/hunter that works to prevent a "corruption" from turning everyone into monsters and ghosts.

And she does that while being ripped as fuck and dealing with a lot of emotional baggage.

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boobies, tentacles, comic 

I've always wanted to do a kinda trashy spring break story so I did! enjoy!

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I've just updated to the bleeding-edge version which has a new feature! A profile directory! Opt-in in your profile settings. It will use hashtags from your bio text

ive never heard of this so-called 'finals season' but i sure can tell you there might be exams involved


I had an urge... to draw torn tights...
yall im p gay but these women are, uh, ooomph πŸ‘Œ

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having a good time πŸ’–πŸ†πŸ‘πŸ’¦

nsfw, nudity 

@TachyonBlue i think selka might have found a potential initiate to her religion. her devotion is really inspiring! (she's precious)

enters the instance in the style of Kuzco


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good morning im here to slam the mf LIKE button (love button???) on all your ocs [jk i actually gotta go to class like Post Haste]

oh dear i need to be up in [counts on my fingers] 2.5 hours oh dear

well here's some itty bitty sneak peeks of the other ones ive started and sketched! more to come later!

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Okay this is super old and I need to redraw that lad but... Look, it's the Pansexual Paragon!

looks at clock: 10:54 pm
me: D^8


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