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I have my onlyfans account set up now - figured out how to do a combo of free + paid stuff (free follows, some posts will be behind a paywall) ->

Commission - CosmicJune and Speedwagz
(Want a comm too? Just head to ( ))

I'm trying to avoid lewding my DnD characters but this new one was a courtier romancing the son of a lord and now I just wanna draw them banging like bonobos.

Also I have finished the latest chapter of my comic so now I can draw porn while I script and thumb the next chapter. Yessssssssssssss!~

I really like how this came out, this might have to be my last original piece for a while because I need to start building up a bit of a following if I want to quit my job

Gift art for a birdsite friend because most of my followers there are actually from him retweeting my stuff, so I painted his OC as thanks

Look, if you want a tomboy sporty lay you're gonna have to submit sometimes.
Twitter: [twshidokidoki]

Wanted to clean up a sketch I started on my phone, went a bit ott with it. No regrets. If I ever make a sketchbook (I definitely have enough roughs of these two characters getting busy) then this will make a good cover

Commission - Arachne
Never drew a Spiderlady before (I'm scared of spiders) - but this one is a cutie and definitely pulled me out of my comfort zone (that detail on the clothing tho)

It's been a rough few weeks and outside of comms I've had no motivation to finish anything particularly creative - but I did want to try and render a black lady with a faux-fur coat!

Twitter: shidokidoki ( )

I might be working on yet another comic (or trying to...)

Unintentional Uraraka
It's been a while since I drew some cute sexy times so lets celebrate the first Friday in some weeks where I'm genuinely happy by drawing cute sexy times with an adult Uraraka

I've got a basic comm table done - just trying to work out pricing...

🤔 Thinking about platforms for hosting comics...

BTW I might be opening comms soon to help pay towards a reliable PC that I can stream on. I'm gonna try and get a comm table made 💖

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