Previously nude pinup, now with a suit and some underwear, paper doll style.

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@npcmx Also pretty great - people who are enthusiastic about their breasts.

How's the tablet for cranking out SVGs?

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So today I got to take my new tablet for a real spin. It's amaaaaazing. Can't believe I used that tiny Bamboo for so many years. I also only got like three hours of sleep last night so please enjoy this elf who is maniacally enthusiastic about her breasts?

But, I mean, breasts ARE pretty great I guess.

@npcmx Sometimes it bugs me that these things are set up for popularity contests instead of finding the tiny group of people that like what you like.

Given a choice, I'd take 3 artist buddies who occasionally play riffs on each other's work over 300 dudes looking for hot naked pics.

Not that there's anything wrong with round numbers..!

@obse Your subjects spook me out a bit, but your style and skill are inspiring.

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Hell is hating yourself. So many people are getting creative, learning to have fun with who they are.


Kindness comes from acceptance, not shame.

Learned about "no nut November" and made a decision. Spend extra time this month drawing from sexy fantasies. My wife is strongly in favor.

We don't need more control. We need better integration. Use your creative energy to shake out whatever self-shaming, sex-negative nonsense is floating around your mind.

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As a lewd artist, my duty is to fight the evil No Nut November! So I will make 3 different sketch raffles during this month! One for Patrons, one for Gumroad buyers, and one for my followers!

@raulovsky Found you directly on Mastodon. Got here hoping to help artists make pinups more interactive.

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still trying to figure out shading...
woman in lingerie 😍

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