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Holiday 04

I made myself a Patreon, pledge for me and you´ll get the NSFW goodies in August.

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NSFW Consentacles 

@npcmx Did you quit the daily practice? Follow up thoughts?

Based on your progress I was concluding that 10 minutes a day is better than trying to set aside a couple of hours / week.

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On the excellent suggestion of @SarahSalanica today I checked out and it was super fun and helpful. I did a bunch of two-minute poses and a few five-minute poses, and while I'm not exactly proud of the results (I have never in my life tried to draw a baby before this) it was a great exercise. I've never been good about drawing from reference, but this might make the difference for me.

From the early 90' through the early 10's, a community of amateur artists built up a collection of digital paper dolls.

Tech limits aside, there were hidden treasures.

@npcmx Faster than my process can keep up with, but good idea....

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Two resolutions I made for this year were, one, to draw and post a simple sketch every day with a short time limit, and two, to get more comfortable posting my more graphic work. This one's still pretty tame, but one step at a time I guess.

Here's hoping I can keep it up!

@npcmx Glad you approve.

It's crossed my mind that in the digital era, there's no real reason a pinup should have only one outfit or only one artist.

Previously nude pinup, now with a suit and some underwear, paper doll style.

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@npcmx Also pretty great - people who are enthusiastic about their breasts.

How's the tablet for cranking out SVGs?

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So today I got to take my new tablet for a real spin. It's amaaaaazing. Can't believe I used that tiny Bamboo for so many years. I also only got like three hours of sleep last night so please enjoy this elf who is maniacally enthusiastic about her breasts?

But, I mean, breasts ARE pretty great I guess.

@npcmx Sometimes it bugs me that these things are set up for popularity contests instead of finding the tiny group of people that like what you like.

Given a choice, I'd take 3 artist buddies who occasionally play riffs on each other's work over 300 dudes looking for hot naked pics.

Not that there's anything wrong with round numbers..!

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