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Hell is hating yourself. So many people are getting creative, learning to have fun with who they are.


Kindness comes from acceptance, not shame.

Learned about "no nut November" and made a decision. Spend extra time this month drawing from sexy fantasies. My wife is strongly in favor.

We don't need more control. We need better integration. Use your creative energy to shake out whatever self-shaming, sex-negative nonsense is floating around your mind.

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As a lewd artist, my duty is to fight the evil No Nut November! So I will make 3 different sketch raffles during this month! One for Patrons, one for Gumroad buyers, and one for my followers!

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still trying to figure out shading...
woman in lingerie 😍

I want my erotic imagination to quit dragging me into porn hunts, and start helping me enjoy my life better.

Maybe will help. Working on art at

Hoping for integration, not to sell anything.


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