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Can I offer you some free porn comics in these trying times? πŸ† :bubbleheart:

[preview images are suggestive with some nudity, but not explicit]

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I added a ko-fi tip jar link to my profile!
I've never done this before, so if anyone notices it's fucked up somehow lmk pls πŸ₯‚ πŸŽ‰ πŸ‘

I made this to practice coloring.
If you want to use it to practice coloring, go for it. If you want to edit the lineart, also go for it.

Just credit or @ me or something if you post it anywhere.

Border Collie Cowgirls MIlking a Cow Girl (I guess this counts as bukkake? lewd. why did I do this?) 

The upside to milking cow girls is that they're p docile once you get 'em tied to the post.

The downside is that they twitch a lot and it can mess up your aim.


Not really posting about stuff on art accounts, but just for the record.

Black lives matter.
All cops are bastards.
Stonewall was a riot against police violence, and the LGBTQ+ community owes much of what we have to black trans women.
Happy Pride y'all ❀️ 🧑 πŸ’› πŸ’š πŸ’™ πŸ’œ

Can I offer you some free porn comics in these trying times? πŸ† :bubbleheart:

[preview images are suggestive with some nudity, but not explicit]

six fanarts meme, SFW 

A little late, but I did it!

This was way more fun than I expected. Thank you guys for the suggestions!

Long, talking about drawing programs 

I also found some cool features that probably not everyone who uses the program knows about. For example, auto-actions. These are a thing in photoshop, but I never used them because I couldn't figure out how to make it efficient.

Not only did I find several very good uses of this function in csp, but you can put these actions into a toolbar AND assign them custom icons. I can click an eggplant emoji and it will automatically set up my inking/penciling layers.

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Long, talking about drawing programs 

I bought clip studio paint, and have spent DAYS watching youtube tutorials. I've probably spent upwards of 15 hours on this.

I think it would be good to sit down and work through all the videos I liked/saved in one image, to teach myself the program.

ALSO I found a free streaming software in the process, so I'm thinking of recording the whole thing and posting the list of tutorials I used. Like maybe it would help other people get started.

my mother in law does hilarious shit 

This was a totally sweet thing to do and I bear this woman no ill will whatsoever, but she is (entirely unintentionally) a one-woman comedy show.

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my mother in law does hilarious shit 

my M-I-L just drove 2 hours to bring my spouse and I the funniest fucking easter basket I have ever seen.

it contained:
- 2 pieces of milk chocolate (she, my spouse, and I, all prefer dark)
- 6 tiny Cadbury Creme Eggs
- 6 boiled and painted chicken eggs
- 4 toothbrushes
- floss
- travel toothbrush holders
- organic toothpaste
- non-organic oranges


she lined the basket with shredded PII. I could steal her identity with this easter basket.

Hey I'm on Patreon! ❀️

There is going be interesting goodies from my new projects, please consider supporting my art and ideas if you enjoy it.

Also thank you for always be here sharing 🍩 πŸ₯ž

Does anyone know where I can find pictures of fat butch women & enbys being handsome/sexy? Nudity not at all required, but is also nice.
(masc presenting folks, beards, etc. Are also wonderful and appreciated, but not the ref I need atm)

I don't usually draw fanart, so if you wanna see me draw someone, now is the time!
(18+ characters only please, because I wanna make it sexy πŸ˜‡ )

NSFW Consentacles 

I finally managed to save some time for 2D drawing. So here are some consentacles. <3

NSFW Nudity 

An old piece when I designed Ewa.

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