I kinda wanna watch a minecraft survival let's play. But I also don't want youtube's algorithim to know I want to watch a minecraft let's play

Bootyanica #16

Fiona's hornyness is also binary, either not at all or all in the world.

Kofi ( ko-fi.com/smutichi ) | Smutichi.com

I mean, they DO talk about cactuses. But there is also nudity.

Ok, Inks for Bootyanica done, I figure It will be done by tomorrow.

Nothing hardcore yet but the page is already entering proper NSFW territory instead of just people talking about cactuses

I found some of my comics online in a site that apparently does that a lot
Its weird seeing my art in places I did not expect without anyone asking, especially when it looks like they got way more engagement there than on my sites
On the other, I got to read whole comment threads

Me, already in a dozen discord servers that I keep muted because they have too many people and I feel overwhelmed: "Oh! That artist also has a discord server! Let me join that!"

20. And 20! For self plug, as usual, smutichi.com has all my stuff.

But I also got a mastodon account at artalley.social/@smutichi which is basically like twitter without the algorithm bullshitery because there is no algorithm in mastodon.

19. Tutorial that helped, well, Fun with a Pencil is a great book to teach you all kinds of drawing stuffs!

But it would be a travesty not to bring up the "How to draw anything" tutorial

18 I have no clue what an artist alley is so I'm gonna guess I haven't done any ever.

17. For an older piece I still like Im gonna pick the first drawing I was ever commissioned to do.
There are some stylistic choices I don't agree with anymore, but there are also somethings I just don't remember how to do anymore and look cool.

16b And another example is Fiona. She is my very oldest OC by a big margin.

She first popped into existence in 2010 in my last year of high school, looking like a floating head because I didn't know and wouldn't learn how to draw bodies.

9 years later she needed a body.

16a. Stuff to show improvement... There are two big examples.

A phrase I often use is "At least its not CA #1 Peridot" when something I do is bad, because

14. Advice for my artists peers: Whenever a recipe asks for a clove of garlic, add six.

13. For new artists: To get better at drawing, you have to be critical of what you draw without using beating yourself down, and just draw a lot.

Setting for myself a really big project gave me something I could always return to when I didn't know what else to draw and it helped

12. Art has really become a bigger part of my life lately. I would love to be able to live of it someday, but I have no clue how to get at that point.

11. Hardest is drawing inanimate objects for sure. How do you make someone hold an item in a way that it looks like they both obey the same laws of physics holy shit

10. Easiest about drawing, I would say polishing a drawing.

Im by no means particulary good at it, but once the sketch is done, the lineart and coloring phases become more mechanical and I find them easier, not like trying to figure out how a shoulder works.

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