I've been meaning to do a fanart for @[email protected] for a good while, nevermind that his birthday was last month.
So here is an Aubrey today!

There are some laptops around that are sexy as fuck. All thin, sleek with decent specs and with a thunderbolt port to give it an external graphics card so you can just work with it like a desktop at home.

But they expensive

In days like these I miss having a laptop. It's raining so hard that if I start drawing I might lose power and the pic

It's surprising how few nsfw artists there seem to actually be.

I looked through the ToH nsfw art shoutout tweet and realized I already knew most of them

I hope japan passes the anti censorshp in porn law so I can stop adding censor bars to my stuff on pixiv

Blue is a strong and independent diamond who doesn't need anyone's help for a blowie.
Patreon reward for @[email protected] !

Patreon ( patreon.com/Smutichi ) | Smutichi.com

Finished the stream! Managed to do the whole ass sketch for the page and uploaded it to the patrons discord.

Thank you all for stopping by!

Hey, its time! Gonna be starting the new Bootyanica page and try to get as much work done on it as possible, come and join!


I need to get this damn bootyanica page done, it's been like 40 days already. So stream after lunch!

Last week!
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It happened! 5k!
Thank you all so much!

Ive wanted to do a giveaway for a while now but I finally got an excuse! To participate
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The winner will be decided on my birthday the 27th and will get a birthday art!
Thats how birthdays work right?

Throwback to Delver, my big dude I always forget to draw.
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@FriKinky I did design a dude once with the intention of drawing him more often, and never did.
He does have a role in Bootyanica so it's bound to happen sometime.

His father also showed up unprompted

Add "My own Male OCs" to the list of things I should draw

After I'm done with Bootyanica I need to give Jucika another go

Hey, did you know I got a discord server? It's tiny and quiet and most of the things I post are in patron exclusive channels but if you want to hang


10 uses only, I'll delete the tweet when the link expires.

Starting with a new patreon poll tor the new patreon!
With a bit of a pointy ear theme, what elf should be lewded next?
Poll running until the 25th

Patreon ( patreon.com/Smutichi ) | Smutichi.com

Googling Evangelyne from wakfu the first results were something with "Pregnant" and for the like 5 episodes of wakfu I've seen I did not expect that

Ok, found the 4th hot elf. Let's make a poll graphic

Someone, name a hot elf that isn't potato elf or Marcille or BOTW Zelda

Thank god I am not playing this game Nuzloke or I would have had to start over like four times already

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