Out I go to dogsit at my sisters

Hopefully I'll be able to draw there

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My kink is pregnancy.

Pregnancy from a couple who enjoys sex safely and decides to have a child in a financial and emmotionaly stable household when both of them are ready for parenthood.

Rock hard for all those sensible adult choices.

I am really curious to what storytime animators think of porn of their mascots.

Like, on one part they feel too personal to an actual person to draw porn of. On the other, they cute.

A few people have asked me recently about comms. So here is the status:
They are closed for now.
Whenever comm slots open, patrons get first dibs, and then if any remain I will open for the rest.

Maybe I should set up a mailing list or something to warn people when that happens?

I never saw Hotel Transilvania, when they brought the movie to Spain they played the whole "CELEBRITY VOICE ACTOR" thing so much in the marketing I was put off.
But the Mavis porn and the fact that it is a Tartakovsky are making me reconsider.

One of these days

GOt tagged by @ToHDraws in a lewd OC sharing thing!
So here are FS (rename pending), Bell and Fiona. And to pass it along I'm gonna go with @sneelunderscore @BardoPlus and @Celsiusbits

Coding is driving me insane, I can't get one chip to listen to another

Just passed the 8k mark like very recently! Thank you all so much!

I think I am now overdue like, three birthday gifts I wanted to do.

This can change depending on what I do on the month tho. Some months I end up with non-Bootyanica pages I may put in the week slots or leave for the other weekends. Some months (like this one) I fall short. But you get the idea.

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Since a few people have asked recently I thought I'd make a tweet about my scheduling.

I aim each month for 8-ish illustrations and 2 Bootyanica pages for the patreon.

Then at the beginning of the next month, I schedule them to go every Mon-Thurs and every other Sat

My mood: Fantastic
My crops: Flourishing
My back pain: Gone

This was a really good video

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