Meet my islander Dida!

She loves catching bugs, moved in the rainy season and is dumb as a rock and needs to go back and forth like 7 times for each errand.

I slept on the turnip vendor last sunday, can I travel back in time for it or the only way to time travel is forward?

Sometimes I hear other people's phones blowing up with notifications and I get stressed on their behalf

Glox gets a quick perk-me-up between rounds.

My part of a trade with @[email protected]

I still don't know where people are finding that many tarantulas

And Connie is finally getting herself to college isn't she 🤔

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The thing is done! Tomorrow I'll have to draw some more Universe stuff to give it a proper farewell.
Not that I had planned on stopping tho

Rumor 2/2

This is gonna be a long journey to earth.

Second part of the commission for @[email protected] , thank you so much!
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Between Animal Crossing and general procastination I clocked only 3 hours of drawime since saturday lmao

Is there any way to rotate the camera while speaking to villagers? Im tired of having my own dumb big ass head just blocking their acting entirely

Ok, Im jumping onto the Animals Crossings. As soon as this download is done

On other patreon news. I just finished the second page of No Clip Bitch.
Up on patreon for the $5ers

I spent a while coming up with a name for my island, and then one of the villagers came up with the name SwolesLand and god damn it Nook I want to vote for that one instead of mine

Rumor 1/2

Personal boundries much?

This is a 2 page comic commission for @[email protected] thank you so much!
The second page will be up next week or already up in the patreon!
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