Wanna draw something quick before diving into the 2 comic pages I need to do. So, what kind of magical plant did Bell plant?

The day has come, I did and presumably failed the test. Good news is that I can move on with my life and get back to doing Patreon stuff.
Better get to building some buffer

Before the tumblpocalypse, whenever I was in public and I wanted to dick around, twitter was my sfw app.

What am I supposed to do now

Can't do much for but let us remember that time FS took it up the butt

RT @[email protected]
Butt stuff Y/N?

FS enjoys buttstuff, she is not a fan of the ammount of prepwork and the messiness of it tho so she doesn't do it often and prefers vaginal anyway


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Do you know a thing I miss about tumblr that must exist on twitter but I haven't found?

Fashion accounts.
I just want to find some women in cute and/or slightly slutty outfits for inspiration please

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I hope paypal stops being a jackass and unlocks my account soon. I could really use having some money in my bank by the weekend

The ko-fi has had so little activity I forgot I didn't have autotweets enabled and I've had to tweet this myself. Thank you so much!!

I am thinking about the next short comic I want to start once I can dedicate time to it. There are ideas for a Sadie Killer comic, and I really want to get into FS with a reverse glory hole scenario. And probably more stuff I forget about. Comics are cool.

Cutting the stream for today, but Pix is still going, thanks for coming by!

Doing a stream! Gonna do some warm up gestures and then start work on a commission for @[email protected] , who may or may not join in later

It's amazing. Ever since I got my Huion display, I havent lost my drawing pen once.

But where the actual fuck is my drawing glove

😺✏ — Can't say that I have! My art is not really apt for a youtube and I don't think I have much other content to offer. curiouscat.me/smutichi/post/10

Bootyanica #19

It’s important to establish consent before dunking your partner.
Kofi ( ko-fi.com/smutichi ) | Smutichi.com

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