That last commission may or may not have given me a new ruby OC I need to draw now.

Stream is over! The result will live in patreon for about a month now!

And another commission released from patreon, thanks again @[email protected] !
Spinel does know all kinds of entretaining tricks

Patreon ( ) |

Alright, streaming now!
Gonna work on the commission queue today, starting with a little Diamond on Diamond action. Come on in!

Y'all need to watch your sleep internet browsing, this is how you end up with your recommendations full of weird youtube videos of Spiderman with Elsa

No clue what time it is for most of you, so quick flashpoll, who would be up for a stream? I need to work through the commission queue.

Hey, quick question, if you are a mainly NSFW artist, how big a factor was not having to draw clothes all the time in your decision to draw cartoon porn?

Because it was like 75% of the reason for me

I just did a couple of rare sfw FS's in costumes for the patreon.

I am really happy with how they turned out and spent way too much time on them, check them out!

Bootyanica #23 is up for patrons!
Things take a turn from violent to romantic on this one.

Like the page Im about to finish, it's clocked 6 hours already and I would say I have a little under an hour of work left for it.
Which would be great, if I hadn't started it on the 20th and didn't draw anything else in that time.

A comic page usually takes me around 8 hours.
A 2020 goal is to make those 8 consecutive hours instead of spread out over a week or something

Hey twitter, quick question I'll delete right after. How do you call this part of a hand?

At this point Im doing my own comic mostly out of stubbornness to finish it that because I think people are really interested on it.

😺✏ — I don't usually have the time to do a ton of commissions, so I usually open just a few slots each month at most which I announce at the Patreon exclusiv…

😺✏ — Thank you! Honestly my own Peridot doesn't even rank in my top 5 so I want to try and make her even better, but I…

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