Mastodon kind of reminds me of how tumblr used to be.

Go to the federated TL and i find the shitpost, porn, queer folks talking queer things and social rants all mixed up.

If anything the biggest difference I feel is there is more computer talk and less fandom talk

@smutichi imho the computer talk is just fandom talk but about linux instead of supernatural

@Pyretta @smutichi i wouldn't mind more fandom talk that is not about linux 🤔

@smutichi the fandoms, they will come.
We have the exact same drama, too, added to the twitter drama that frequently spills over. Don't be surprised if you see this community working over stuff that timblr already hosted and grew past.

@smutichi Masto also reminds me of the early days of Twitter. Lots of strangers following each other and everybody is on their best behavior.

@smutichi I have to agree with that. I wish there was more fandom talk, though. :thinkhappy:

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