Sendak & Allura. Enemies-to-lovers. Look away if that isn’t your thing. 

Posted a little animation loop for my $1+ Patrons over at

sex, hetero, exhibitionism, animation 

female nudity, sexual content 

Dickers, oral 

Dickers n boobers. 


Oh no nip-nops. 

People banging oh no 

Hello yes, I have braved the hostile oceans of the internet in search of a place to post my dirt that doesn't suck.

Please accept this humble offering that's actually kind of old but still relevant.

Art Alley

Art Alley is a Mastodon server for artists and commissioners, as well as people who just like looking at art. Share your finished pieces, works in progress, changes to your commissions status and your livestreams, or whatever else you want, really!