Sendak & Allura. Enemies-to-lovers. Look away if that isn’t your thing. 

‘Bad ending’ AU where the princess sells out to chase an old crush.

Posted a little animation loop for my $1+ Patrons over at

sex, hetero, exhibitionism, animation 

Rare date night for Vin & her SO.
Wish I could finish this, but them's the breaks.

female nudity, sexual content 

It's been a minute. Sorry guys.

Dickers, oral 

Another one from the archive. Bear with me, I've got more than a few things kicking around that need a new home.

Dickers n boobers. 

Funtime selfie. Another from my Tumblr archive featuring the purple version of Vin.


Since Tungl is burning down, I thought I might as well rescue the one dirty fanfic I've ever written in my life.

Oh no nip-nops. 

I was on a chibi kick for a bit. Drew my nelf girl for a sticker that'll probably never get printed, let's be real.

People banging oh no 

One more rough one for the road before I get back to work.

Hello yes, I have braved the hostile oceans of the internet in search of a place to post my dirt that doesn't suck.

Please accept this humble offering that's actually kind of old but still relevant.

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