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If you trust the TOR Project, please realize they have deleted a Cloudflare discussion thread that's been around for years gitlab.torproject.org/legacy/t (last archived version: web.archive.org/web/2020030101). They kept all other tickets, so it's clear they specifically intended to delete THAT one. They also - since the move from Trac to Gitlab - DISABLE ANONYMOUS CONTRIBUTIONS.

So, they are in cahoots with CF, actually hate anonymity, and depend on the evil Mozilla. Another giant bites the dust?

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Pale Moon's transformation into Mozilla-lite keeps moving forward: forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.p

"unmaintained legacy Firefox extensions (that do not target Pale Moon directly) can no longer be installed on 29.2.0 and later."

"Pale Moon currently has over 230 extensions listed on its add-ons site, that should cover most of the most important uses of extensions"

We know. Who the fuck decides which extensions are "most important" ? Sorry, Mother, but I'm a big boy and I'll use what I want!

After i was banned on shitty YT without any strikes and reasons and lost 1.5 years of work and many subs. I've terminated my all g-related stuff, misc blogspots, g-mails and other junk from that inhumane company.

Enough of this crap.
No more g, no fb, no twitter, no apple, no intel, no nvidia, fuck win10 and modern junk stuff.

Ghacks ghacks.net/ used to be the neat site back in time, but...
..now they are not posting unhandy comments. It looks like they were bought by somebody. In article about Brave i've said that it is a spyware and suggested to check it via Mit proxy. Result:
pre-moderation decided not to post my message.

My pen drawings can be found here: deviantart.com/spacedrone808

Will be glad if you estimate the overall quality!

'lil page with my current projects:

Hope that somebody find it useful!

First post. 

Windows distribution in percentage.

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