Anyone on here that came from Instagram during the strike?

@spoiledsocks do you mean the boycott or a lag? if it's the first then yes😎✌️

@spoiledsocks idk about a strike but ig has been weird lately not the same

@ailis_aine i guess mastodon is very similar to twitter! I get u

@spoiledsocks me! ☺️ i was thinking about masto before but the latest changes on insta was the last strike

@spoiledsocks yeah... i mean i used to post erotica there but now i'm afraid i will get shadowbanned

@naomifrisson i feel I’ve been shadowbanned too at this point haha it’s good that you can post erotica on masto tho, makes me want to try it out 👀

@spoiledsocks yep! although I still have to use insta for work, mastodon has been soo refreshing ✨

@spoiledsocks yes, planning to invest more time + work flow attention come January. My partner and I plan to set up a server so I can post the videos I just started grooving with on ig. Hello to you!

@spoiledsocks to be determined, he knows the nuts and bolts of the web far better than i do! maybe through his supercomputer which is a series of rasberry-pi's, or maybe through a rented server managed elsewhere, like folks do for playing group video games :) i'll make sure to post about it when there is success on this front :)

@birdbohannon sounds super interesting!! I dont understand much lol but good luck hope it goes well :)

@spoiledsocks hiya I'm new! I'd been trying to leave insta for awhile and the strike kinda solidified it for me

@spoiledsocks me! (Kinda) I’m trying to slowly transfer from Instagram to other platforms but I think it may take awhile since I’ve been a creator on insta for a decade

@makeupnyoung yeah same! its not as straightforward to use either! but its super promising :)

@spoiledsocks me, me! And this is my first interaction with Mastodon, I think I am doing this right. Trying to build an alternative to insta and Facebook which have weasled their way into becoming business marketing essentials

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