while I'm waiting to be accepted into mastodon . art, here's a comic I finished recently! words by Reni Eddo-Lodge from "why I'm no longer talking to white people about race" I hope the comic can make you want to read the book! (1/3) alt text available!

Image 1: Drawing of a house. Speech bubble says « feminism must demand affordable, decent, secure housing, and a universal basic income. »
Image 2: Drawing of two moms holding hands, one of them is holding a baby. Speech bubble says « It should demand pay for full time mothers and free childcare for working mothers. » 1/2

image 3: Drawing of a woman walking in the street, with eyes staring at her intensely. She’s not happy. Speech bubble says « it should recognise that we live in a world in which women are constantly harangued into being listed after... »
Image 4: Drawing of a sex worker, looking at her phone. Her PayPal account got blocked. « ... but punishes sex workers for using that situation to make a living. »

@spoiledsocks the image captions aren't showing up for me when i hover my cursor over these :/

@pantransautie Oh no! thanks for pointing it out! Not sure what happened here, i dont think I can amend the toot, I'll add the image descriptions on the replies

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