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(might edit this later)

my names kai, but my 'artist name' or whatever is squishy :3

i mostly draw belphie from 'obey me!' right now, and a lot of my art seems to be pastel and cutesy despite me being very very emo irl LMAO

here's my linktree, which includes all my links ever:

all my art is currently on my twitter if you want to look through my threads!!
enjoy your stay~

alright thats all my art uploaded!!
(that i wanted to post anyway)

sorry for all the spam aksjhdj

angel belphie~
he's pretty.. this was the last proper thing i drew in 2020 aksjhjd
i still love this a lot

belphie in a skirt because i like drawing him in them~
hes pretty, how could i not aksjhjd

i drew this for belphies song release back in feb!!
his song is so pretty n chill~

the obey me bdays from this year so far!!
the drastic change between the twins and levis art from last year and this year is insane ajshjdh

part 2 of the bdays from last year!!
solomons birthday was kind of a late notice so i didnt have time to give him a proper one aksjjd rip

some doodly things~ i like putting him in skirts akshjdj hes so cute i love him

(lemme know if i need to mark this as sensitive content btw)

some belphie lewds that are more just.. revealing
bunny belphie still does something to me tbh
also his thighs and tummy :blobmelt:

bunny belphie!!
i added the reverse bunny suit fit because i was thinking about it at the time akshjd

also featuring little doodles of mammon and me :3

last part of obeymember!!
the last day was 'obey me 1st anniversary' and i didnt really have any ideas other than making belphie the main guy in the pic akshjd

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