@station1312 This person is clueless. I am not a fan of either ideology. Given that, i can say pretty much the same thing about communism. Communism has made people poor, has made people starve, has polluted the planet... about the only thing communism may not have done is the excess houses thing. Communism is great on paper, and an absolute dumpster fire in practice. (Capitalism is also a dumpster fire, but I digress.)

@capngloval @station1312 Communism and Socialism are not the same thing. You are conflating an ideology of revolutionary displacement of Capitalism with an ethical value system that places the well-being of society and all people over the right of individuals to exploit others and the environment for personal gain regardless of negative consequences.

Nobody was talking about comunism. That's as much a bygone and failed system as pure capitalism.

Let's first check if we can agree that these problems exist and we would like them fixed.

Once we agree on that, we don't even need to change the whole system. Tiny adjustments to the current otherwise working system are all that would be required. That's why it's so infuriating that nobody is taking even the tiniest steps.

@capngloval @capngloval who is clueless? me? you think i dont know communist atrocities? its excuse to be at peace with criminal state? from russian kleptocracy to usa “new aristocratic-sons of billionaires” class? that dont pay taxes and get bailout every time by workers taxes? its what freedom is for kneeling before ruling class and bootliking like “freedom” trumpists do in cool capitalist usa? theres no communist states now, and capitalism is ”normalcy”

@station1312 No not you. The person who posted this, on whatever social media site this was.


we might want to ask if communist/socialist governments do any better

@Emperor1 check out definitions of statism and etatism... communist socialist states were riddled and destroyed by bureaucracy and restored capitalism... nomenklatura in ussr were living like aristocrates

@station1312 во всех бедах виноват капитализм! Вот бы просто взять и поделить!
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