Okay fedi, wheres your favorite places to buy stim toys/jewellery from?

An unintended effect of people avoiding public spaces is that wildlife that usually relies on humans to feed is being left to go hungry and they have suffered because of the lack of public access to parks, nature reserves and the like. Without intervention, many birds are being left without the food they rely on to stay alive. Those which normally feast on tiny leftovers dropped by residents and tourists leaving cafes and takeaways, are now going hungry.

Please please please spread the word and do what you can to help them.

Together we can do it. 🥺

As I said before, I'm going to do a crowdfund for my local birbs but will too give to anyone who needs money to buy grains for the birbs outside.

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Please, be aware that when you call a rescue center for an injured pidge, they will euthanize the pidge if ever they can't be released in the wild.
Even if the pidge is healthy.

A pidge can't be released in the wild if they can't fly anymore, or if their leg is badly injured but healed.

A pidge can be perfectly healthy even without a wing or a leg. But they can't be left outside.

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I know I talk a lot about pidges but really, it's not something impossible to do. We can help them. And they need us.

They're slowly dying outside.

I know a lot of people can not afford feeding them but spreading the word helps a lot too.

Let's not let them down. 😔

more trans politicians =/= trans liberation
trans liberation NOT trans assimilation

rent assistance begpost boost are appreciated $105/$430 

Um hello everyone, I want to start raising money for rent and food (rent due feb 1). I was out of work for a month because of Covid and don’t have any way of paying for it. Since I work a student job, I didn’t receive any help. Anything is appreciated. Thank you
Rent : 335
Paypal: paypal.me/JourneiG
Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

Don’t help disabled people without our approval. Stop considering us your good dead of the day.

We don’t have to be grateful when you help us.
We decide who touches us, when & why.


if you are not the direct target of transmisogyny, you don't get to decide if labels like tme/tma are helpful. or necessary. or whatever. you don't get to have an opinion. period lol.

i'm not about to speak over folks who are more oppressed than myself, so why is it ok for others to do so to trans women? i'm so close to calling a bunch of y'all out because i just saw the most problematic fucking thread but this stuff is so draining and i don't have the fucking spoons so i'm out.

do better.

gender: bad boy, as in the vibe, only partially the boy part


Some fucking facts from a friend of mine: "Ever noticed how queer groups of people will (sometimes) happily welcome a trans woman into the group, but then become uncomfortable when there are 2 or 3. They're only happy with us when we're kept in line, uninformed about our own oppression and isolated from one another."

"It is important that, when fighting capitalism, that we center racism. This is because racism seeks to describe people and capitalism seeks to describe economies. Capitalism has the unique ability to absorb anything revolutionary into itself so that revolution becomes another commodity. Even anti-capitalism sentiments become just another commodity on the market."

#astrology #capitalism #whitesupremacy

cc: alicesparklykat.com/articles/1

“Next time you define or perceive someone as being resilient, look at how you’ve been complicit in underpinning and reinforcing their oppression.”

— Trent Wallace, queer Aboriginal (Wongaibon & Palawa) pro-bono lawyer from Darkinjung country

If it makes you feel punk, then it's punk, y'all. 🖤😎

@stonerzines I hope you don’t mind that I quickly did a digital version, since I was already at my desk! I pulled the brown from the Progress Pride flag, and the green from the agender flag. Yellow was just... a yellow that looked nice next to the green. I can make adjustments if you’d like!

Queer practices in Ancient Africa make queerness way more African than queerphobia.


su*cide mention, violence mention 

So here’s a new trans/nb flag proposal that I created ~2 years ago. I’m finally going to adopt it for myself, and anyone else is more than able to use it as well!

I have a lot of issues with the traditional trans flag, this flag just speaks to me more.

To clarify: the yellow stripe at the bottom is OPTIONAL. It stands for recognising the harm, violence, and high su*cide rates our community goes through, and to remember those who have d*ed or been harmed.


If you address us as "boys and girls" I will simply not listen to you, clearly you're not talking about me

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