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wow look I finally got my ass to make one of these. Not gonna lie, it's really hard for my to organise things so this probably looks like trash ahah.

You can get more information and options here:

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To see my commission prices, I've put a link to my weebly on my profile, which will give you all the information you need to know!

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Followers, if you come across content that is unsavory or uncomfortable for you (but still follows the code of conduct) do feel free to make use of the mute/block options available to you. If you see spammy users you’d rather not interact with, don’t hesitate to mute or block ‘em. You’re encouraged to make your experience a comfortable one on mastodon, and that starts with curating your feed how YOU see fit. (Originally written by @wasongo )

So um.. I made an evangelion AU of Tir and its a dramatic mess like Eva usually is and...Well, here's Yuki in her plugsuit.

Yuki's Eva unit is prone to malfunctions and faulty wiring. It's just.. no one is quite sure what's wrong and during the climax of battle, she always hears and feels a thud from somewhere in the eva.

Around the first few times she's piloted the Eva Unit, something's been nagging the back of her mind. During downtime, she'll sometimes stare into the Eva's eyes to get a read on it if she can.

Evangelion AU Abel - He kind of got the short end of the stick for this AU. But hey, at least he looks cool and his wife is the pilot.

This design isn't super set in stone, but it's pretty close to the image I have in my head. One of the ceremonies the Domain of Water holds involves that of a Drowned Priest/ess who is usually the head water god. They have to wear seven layers of heavy robing that limits and slows movements, bound in chains and walking with a staff formed of eternal ice as well as a leviathan scale feather fan.

A ceremony held by the Domain of Water consists of a really elaborate costume known as the Drowned Priest/ess. It includes the god in question to wear pale makeup that makes them appear un/dead as well as any accents that help link it to being a drowning.

idk I had a lot of fun with this design, it's stylistic but it fits her. She's also wearing a little shell dress ;w;

This is a first come, first serve adoptable. It costs 15USD paypal only.

Design by me
Adopted by:

For more adoptables go here ( ).

Another commission for TheMightyFluff of his character Gaige under blacklight conditions. There's a little somethin on his axe though...

Doodled out Aenon and decided to mess with the Colorize autotool on Clip. Left to Right:

Personal Render, Colorize1, Colorize2, Colour splatter for colorize function

To tag along with my friend Gen, and their discovery of the Moonbear species, I made a Sunbear to accompany them. His name is Suri and he's a Sunbear with a gold coat. I love how weirdly lanky sunbears are lmao

I saw Spiderverse way later than others but I'm still glad I saw it. So in celebation of the movie and its message that anyone could be Spiderman, I made a Spiderverse!Yuki. She goes by Frostbite, rockin that blue and white aesthetic like she always does.

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